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Question: What is your client not telling you? @SavvyCleaner

Question by a house cleaner: “If no one is complaining about my house cleaning, how do I know I’m doing a good job? Should I ask if my customers are happy, or should I leave well enough alone?” It’s an honest question every house cleaner asks, and second guessing ourselves is something we all do. …

How to Clean Hardwood Floors @SavvyCleaner

Did you know there are different types of woods for hardwood floors? The cleaning solutions or polishes you use depend on the age and type of hardwood floors and the type of finish. Check this out before you ruin a client’s floors and have to pay to have them stripped or replaced.

Trash – What House Cleaners Need to Know @SavvyCleaner

@SavvyCleaner by Angela Brown Trash at a client’s house – whose job is it to recycle? It is everybody’s job to pick up, toss and recycle trash. Most people are conscious of recycling and most people now have garbage and recycling bins in their homes. When you are house cleaning, you can empty both, but take care to …

Mom Syndrome and House Cleaners @SavvyCleaner

Mom syndrome is this attitude of “I’m going to take care of everybody else first” mentality spills over into her work. She shows up at a client’s house to clean, tidy up, and do an endless list of not-so-pleasant chores. She does an amazing job because she cares about her clients, she takes pride in her work and she gets paid to do it. The payment for the house cleaning jobs pays her bills so she can take care of her own family. It’s a win, win, and the client’s love her because, at their house, she’s also superwoman.
Then Mom house cleaner goes home, and her own dishes need washing, she has her own laundry.

House Cleaning Emergency @SavvyCleaner

@SavvyCleaner by Angela Brown What is a house cleaning emergency? A house cleaning emergency is when a client calls and requests help other than their regularly scheduled routine cleaning. It could be for a variety of reasons such as a surprise (fill in the blank, birthday party, baby shower, wedding shower, retirement party, graduation party,) they have …

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