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What Should I Wear To Bid A Cleaning Job? (First Impressions)

What should you wear when bidding cleaning jobs? We know how important first impressions are, but does that mean wearing a suit? While It’s important to look your best, it’s more important to look the part. The House Cleaning Guru, Angela Brown, discusses cleaning uniforms, and clothing for sales calls. Learn which props will enhance your professional attire. If you’re an independent contractor or a maid, these tips will help you ace your next job interview.

I Hate My Job – Should I Follow My Passion?

I hate my job. Every house cleaner at some point during their career has felt these emotions. they are triggered by a difficult customer or depression or just stinking thinking. Ask a house cleaner if you should quit your job and go follow your passion? The House Cleaning Guru, Angela Brown, shares tips and strategies to renew your job commitment. Find the key to happiness when you hate work you’re doing. Change your mindset and find empowerment through your reasons why.

This is your job and your life. Live it on purpose.

Talking While Cleaning – House Cleaners On Their Phones

Talking while cleaning – it’s a concern for everyone. House cleaners and maids need to keep their phones with them for emergencies from the boss and the client. And homeowners don’t want to pay somebody who is cleaning while chatting. Where do you draw the line? Should you take incoming calls while on the clock? Or should you route them to voice mail? The House Cleaning Guru, Angela Brown shares some tips and strategies to grow your cleaning business while being respectful of the client’s time.

Not A Good Fit – House Cleaner vs. Customer

“We’re not a good fit for each other. Should I jack up the price and hope the prospect hires another house cleaner?” We’ve all been there. During the interview process when bidding a job, we get that feeling that this is a high maintenance customer. Or we just don’t like the customer for some reason we can’t put a finger on. And we wonder should we turn down the job because we’re a bad fit? The House Cleaning Guru, Angela Brown weighs in on this touchy subject of house cleaner vs. customer. Listen to this before you close that sale – or get taken to small claims court.

Imagine Yourself As a House Cleaner or Maid (Tricks for Success)

Imagine your way to house cleaning success. You can put in years of hard work, sweat, labor and emotions into growing your cleaning business. But if you don’t follow the basic rules of positive psychology, you will come up short when it’s time to live your dreams.

Creative visualization is a daily exercise. The purpose is to train your unconscious mind to recognize and accept the success you attract. If can’t imagine yourself successful, when your success arrives, you will sabotage it and never know why.

Don’t limit yourself. Adapt the millionaire mindset. Practice the law of attraction and make sure your mind is ready to receive your new found wealth.

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