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Clean Attics: House Cleaner Tips @SavvyCleaner

Clean attics while not a normal part of a house cleaners job, could be big business for you during your slowest months. Here are some things to consider before you bid an attic job. @SavvyCleaner by Angela Brown Attic Cleaning Falls Under Deep Cleaning or special cleaning categories and is something you will never do on a …

Website: A Must for House Cleaners @ChrisBrogan

Website – A Must for House Cleaners Website, do you have one?  @ChrisBrogan by Chris Brogan / Guest Blogger I should start by saying I’m your ideal customer. I’m cruddy at cleaning my own house. And every few months, I remember to look around for a cleaner. Here’s the thing: I don’t have a phone book …

Creative Marketing for House Cleaners @SavvyCleaner

Creative Marketing tips for House Cleaners & Maid Services Creative marketing is awesome when you’re working from a shoestring budget. Make your job fun again, keep your client interaction alive, and save money on advertising expense. @SavvyCleaner by Angela Brown In 1991 I started my first house cleaning business. I was flat on my rump broke at …

Killing Time: 15 Ways House Cleaners Waste Time @SavvyCleaner

Killing time Killing time a problem in your cleaning business? House cleaners and maids are paid to clean to save their clients time – but what happens when the house cleaners waste time? Some don’t even realize they’ve created habits that are costing time and money. @SavvyCleaner by Angela Brown Here are 15 ways that house cleaners …

Hire or Contract Cleaning Employees @SavvyCleaner

Hire Employees or Hire Independent Contractors? As a cleaning company owner, do you hire or contract your workers? You can’t train and tell contractors what to do but employees are too expensive to have in that industry, how do you manage your decision? @SavvyCleaner by Angela Brown This is a trick question and the answer depends on …