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Customers Bathroom – Can I Use it?

Customers bathroom – house cleaners question “Can I use the customer’s bathroom?”

Some people are funny about the cleaning lady using their loo. But if “I gotta go, I gotta go.”

Today on Ask a House cleaner we cover private vs public bathrooms and what to do when the house cleaner has to pee.

The House Cleaning Guru shares tips from house cleaner training. She suggests maids sanitize the customer’s bathroom if they use it and other tips.

Education – Do I Need a Degree to Run a Cleaning Business?

Education is crucial to your success as a housekeeper. House Cleaners ask “Do I need a degree to run a cleaning business?”

Today on Ask a House Cleaner we look at education. From books to online learning, and self study methods like Kindle.

House cleaner training is ever changing. And while you may decide to take courses, or read on your free time, there are lots of options for tutoring and continuing education.

The key is to have a learning strategy to improve your mind so you can be a Savvy Cleaner.

Best Books for House Cleaners

Best books for house cleaners are books that promote your maid services. Or make you a better housekeeper. Reading every day is great schooling for house cleaners and soon you’ll have your own list of best books. The House Cleaning Guru, Angela Brown shares her tip of the day. Among her best books are excellent material for weekly meetings.

Here you’ll find a great education for maids.

Change the way you think and talk and it will change the way you interact with the customers. Learn, teach and create a collection of your own great reference books.

I Should Have Said No – Weirdest Cleaning Requests

I should have said no to the weirdest cleaning requests.

As a house cleaner or maid, we aim for customer service and customer satisfaction. But the day will come when you’ll have a cleaning mistake that will leave you saying “I should have said no.”

Today on Ask a House Cleaner tips include a house cleaning waiver and knowing when to walk away.

Housework Twilight Zone style will leave you with regret, lessons learned and saying “I should have said no.”

No Money – How to Start a Cleaning Business When You’re Broke

No money? Lots of house cleaners start a cleaning business with no money. They have student loans, are in debt and need a job.

Today on Ask a House Cleaner we look at business growth and development that starts with no money plus action. Relying on business strategy, business marketing and paying your dues you can build an empire.

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