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Too Comfortable? Cleaning Customer is Taking Advantage of Me

Too Comfortable? When house cleaning clients have known you for a long time, it’s easy for them to push boundaries and expect too much. This leads to them taking advantage of you. As a house cleaner or maid, you still have a finite amount of time to clean their house.

Today on Ask a House Cleaner we look at setting boundaries to keep your customers’ expectations and your customer service in check.

It’s great to be friendly with your clients. But when they become too friendly, or too comfortable, it becomes unprofitable.

BONUS: The House Cleaning Guru, Angela Brown shares her secret on renewable contracts. (This is part of her paid house cleaner training.)

Late. Absent. Running Behind Schedule – My Maid is Late Again!

Late. Absent. Running behind schedule. Cleaning customers lament that their house cleaners and maids are unreliable. What ever happened to punctuality, consistency, and dependability? Homeowners have places to go. But if the house cleaner is constantly a no show – why would give them a key and more trust for their homes? In today’s episode of Ask a House Cleaner, we look at the cost of being tardy or postponing your client’s cleaning.

Customer service is all about being precise, early or showing up right on time.

Is the Customer Always Right? 5 Top Rules For House Cleaners

Is the customer always right? In this episode of Ask a House Cleaner, the customer sets some buyer rules. Excellent customer service is about providing the best customer experience. And that’s easy once client – customer boundaries exist.

Customer satisfaction starts with the homeowner being clear about their expectations.

If you’re just starting a cleaning business, these five tips will help you keep the customers you close. Grow your cleaning business or maid service by doing what other house cleaners won’t.