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Wait! Don’t Close the Sale (House Cleaners)

Wait! Don’t close the sale?
You’re a house cleaner ready to say no to a customer who wants to hire you. You have bills to pay. But wait! Don’t close the sale!
Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru shares closing techniques. If you have a high maintenance customer using manipulation to intimidate you, turn and walk away.
When you Ask a House Cleaner business advice to grow my cleaning business and they say “Wait! Don’t close the sale maybe you’re not a good fit and need to exercise boundaries.

People Pleasing: The Pros and Cons @SavvyCleaner

People pleasing is like eating a big bowl of ice cream without a strategy. It tastes really good for 13 seconds and then your taste buds are numb and you can’t taste it anymore. Then you’re just eating empty calories. But because ice cream is a comfort food, you keep eating it in hopes of repeating that initial “Yum” thrill. But instead the joy of the taste is fleeting and the remaining sensation is just cold.

Bad Day? House Cleaners with PMS @SavvyCleaner

In our company and in our home, we allow everybody 3 bad days a month. (And that is overkill.) If you have a bad day where you feel mean and ugly inside, or you want to bite somebody’s head off we have rules for coping. We’ve followed these rules for 20 years both in my house cleaning company and in my home and they work really well. Here they are: