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Ask a House Cleaner, Incompatible Coworker, Savvy Cleaner

How to Deal With Incompatible Coworkers

How do you deal with incompatible coworkers when you are house cleaning? Incompatible coworkers who don’t get along or have a lousy work ethic bring the company down.
We Ask a House Cleaner tips for incompatible coworkers, catfights, different work systems and more.
Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru includes in her house cleaner training ways to inspire coworkers. Set an example for annoying coworkers cleaning in the same space.
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Ask a House Cleaner, Hit on You, Savvy Cleaner

What to Do When Your Client Hits on You

What do you do when a customer hits on you? If he is in your personal space or tries to attack you do you stay and clean or go? If you are cleaning and he hits on you do you still get paid if you use pepper spray and leave?
We Ask a House Cleaner about the client who hits on you, boundaries, and no dating clients.
Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru says when you mix pleasure with business you change the tone of the job.
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Ask a House Cleaner, No Soliciting, Savvy Cleaner

No Soliciting – House Cleaning Flyers

No soliciting. You see the sign in neighborhoods, apartments, and condos. So where do you put your house cleaning flyers if there is a no soliciting sign?

We Ask a House Cleaner about ways to grow your cleaning business. Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru says don’t ignore no soliciting signs or the HOA. 

She shares tips on door hangers, and ways to get more business through word of mouth advertising. 

Other ways to market your cleaning business include the community bulletin, and neighborhood newsletter.

Today’s sponsors are Savvy Cleaner, HouseCleaning360, and My Cleaning Connection.

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Ask a House Cleaner, Waste Time, Savvy Cleaner

Waste Time – House Cleaning Employees Kill Time

Waste time – don’t you hate it when your house cleaning employees waste time? Lots of maids kill time when they should be cleaning house, as Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru shows. This is part two of a three-part series for your house cleaner education. Be a Savvy Cleaner, work smart not hard. #AskaHouseCleaner […]

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Ask a House Cleaner, Safety Data Sheets, Savvy Cleaner

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for House Cleaning Supplies

Safety data sheets (SDS) for house cleaning supplies. What are safety data sheets? And why should we learn how to read safety data sheets? (This should be part of every house cleaner training and maid service training.)
Today we Ask a House Cleaner about the globally harmonized system. All chemical manufacturers worldwide have an SDS for every for detergent, or solution they produce.
Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru says if you don’t know the chemical breakdown for solutions you shouldn’t use them. These tips and more cleaning advice right here, right now.
HouseCleaning360 (Referral database) is a proud sponsor of this show

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