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How To Make House Cleaning Fun For Kids

Fun for kids is not usually the norm when parents ask their children to clean their room.

So, How do you make house cleaning fun for kids? Today on Ask a House Cleaner we discuss the psychology of “Being Mommy’s Big Helper” and “reward the behavior you want to be repeated.”

Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru has a Blue Ribbon contest that’s fun for kids and adults alike. And a proven incentive to getting chores done.

Raising kids is tough enough but with a messy house, it becomes overwhelming. Check out these tips and inspiration for family projects on housekeeping.

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Ask a House Cleaner, Leave or Stay, Savvy Cleaner

Leave or Stay When The Maid Comes to Clean?

Leave or stay when the maid comes to clean? Lots of homeowners wonder how effective their maid or housekeeper will be if they are not hovering. The House Cleaning Guru, Angela Brown busts a myth on productivity for house cleaners and looming bosses. Want to get more from your money spent? Leave the house. Watch […]

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Ask a House Cleaner, Cleaning Lady Comes, Savvy Cleaner

Cleaning Lady is Coming, Should I Clean First?

Cleaning Lady is coming. What should I do before she gets here? Today we look at secret housekeeper cleaning tips to show you how to get the most from your house cleaner or maid. Want to know how maids clean? Want to know what wastes their time? The House Cleaning Guru, Angela Brown shares strategies to streamline the house cleaning routine.

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Ask a House Cleaner, Should I Re-Clean After Teenager, Savvy Cleaner

Should I Re-Clean After Teenager or Move On?

Ask a House Cleaner what to do when A teenager comes in and opens the fridge, pulls a bunch of stuff out, strings it all over the kitchen and you’ve already cleaned. Re-clean or move on? The House Cleaning Guru, Angela Brown, touches on best practices to help you keep your sanity when you’re the maid or housekeeper and you’re out of time.

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msds sheets - ask a house cleaner

MSDS – Before Mixing Chemicals @SavvyCleaner

Read the MSDS before mixing chemicals @SavvyCleaner by Angela Brown What kind of cleaning products can be mixed with bleach? There are dozens of bleach products on the market. But let’s assume you’re asking about Clorox Bleach Regular. Heck, there are dozens of Clorox bleach products. Bleach is a strong chemical that you can dilute with water, but […]

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