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Do You Need A Logo For Your House Cleaning Business?

(In this social media icon bar you’ll recognize every one of those platforms by its logo.)

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Do you need a logo to start your own house cleaning business? No. it’s optional, but I highly recommend getting one. A logo for a house cleaning business would be a fun little picture that says what you do. It might be a man with a vacuum, or a woman with a broom, or a house with a smiley face on it, or something of that nature.

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I chose mine for Savvy Cleaner because the teardrop could be water – and we use water to clean. The tear drop looks like a house with a little chimney, front door, and window – and we’re talking about house cleaning so that works. There are sparkles on the logo which unconsciously suggests making your house sparkle – which is of course how we leave our clients homes. And the blue and green colors suggest environmentally friendly. So, this is a great logo for us here at Savvy Cleaner.

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Don’t Steal Someone Else’s Logo.

Have one created just for your business? You don’t want to run around promoting someone else’s brand. That makes you look bad, and it doesn’t help your branding efforts.

What’s so great about having a logo?

yCleaner.com_McDonalds-logo Check it out. When I show you this yellow arches M, you know what company it represents. Am I right? I don’t even have to say the company name. You know immediately it means fast hamburgers, fries, happy meals, a drive through, coffee, breakfast, ice cream cones, and apple pie. It is because they have done a phenomenal job with their marketing. Worldwide the golden arches tell a story everybody recognizes.

And how about this one:
SavvyCleaner.com_Starbucks_Corporation LogoWe know its coffee and free Wi-Fi. Logos do that for you. They tell your story in one glance. So at some point, you may want to create one that says what you do, and you’ll want to use it on all of your marketing. It’s part of your brand.

Having a logo adds instant credibility. So if you are starting from scratch, and you don’t have house cleaning experience, having a logo will make it look instantly like you are a real company, and you know what you are doing. 

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How Do You Get a Logo?

You can hire a designer to create one, (this usually costs $500-$1,000) but there are several services that provide high-quality logos that you can buy for a lot less money (from a simple online kit) and start using today.

Check out where you can type in the information for your business and then choose from their selections of logos. You can tweak them and customize them to your needs. Only when you are satisfied with your choice do you pay for your logo. Starting for as low as $35 and the prices go up from there.

Or you can create a contest at 99 designs where you pay $199 to host a contest where designers from all over the globe compete to create a design that suits your needs. (If you pay more, more designers will join the competition), then you choose your favorite. Boom, you’re done. Your $199 or however much you chose to pay, pays for the logo.

Also, check out  where you will find all sorts of marketing services starting at $5.00

Google the words: (Logo design) and explore all of the online options for house cleaning logos — and find one that suits your likes, needs, and budget. Some out of the box logos even let you register and trademark your logo and company name.

Once you find a logo that suits you – keep it. Don’t keep changing it because it’s confusing to people who are learning your brand.

Having a logo for your house cleaning business is entirely up to you, but it’s something to think about as you get started.

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