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Satisfaction Guarantee for Residential Cleaning

@SavvyCleaner by Angela Brown

So you’re starting a house cleaning or maid service business and you want to know do you have to offer a satisfaction guarantee? Gold box tic satisfaction guarantee

Yeah why not? All your competitors are.

All thing being equal, service, price, availability, if another service guarantees their work and you don’t, you’re probably not going to get the business. It’s just that simple.

Do I have to give money back if my client is not happy or can I just come back and re-clean?

It’s up to you. If you want to go back and re-clean that’s fine, just make sure you and the client understand the terms of the guarantee you are offering and set a 24-hour limit on the cleaning/come back time.

It’s not okay for a client to wait two weeks and then when you show up for your next cleaning have them say they were dissatisfied with last cleaning and aren’t paying.

What’s so important about a satisfaction guarantee?

An iron clad guarantee that both you and your clients understand –will do a couple of things for you.

  1. It removes the risk of hiring somebody new in the house cleaning business. If you are just starting out and don’t have any references yet, but you guarantee your work, there’s no risk. Sure, I’ll give your cleaning service a try.
  1. It adds instant credibility, suggesting you are confident enough in the quality of your work, you will not have to give the money back.Two women discussing a satisfaction guarantee
  1. It will force you to do your best work at every house. If you know that you have to give the money back if you are sloppy, you will strive to do an excellent job – every single time. And if you do excellent work, you will never have to activate a satisfaction guarantee.
  1. Offering a satisfaction guarantee is worth a client mentioning to their friends and neighbors. It’s another reason a client will send you referrals. If they tell their friends that you do excellent work – they are endorsing you, and backing it up with your guarantee. It lets them off the hook if you suck at cleaning. If there is no guarantee, there is no reason to recommend you, because you might make them look bad in front of their friends.

A previous client of mine (we’ll call her Cheryl) – lost her job and had to cut back on expenses, and one of the expenses cut was me, the cleaning lady. I was sad to see Cheryl go but we stayed in touch. When she landed a new job she called me to hire me back, but my schedule was full.

I recommended another house cleaner in the area (we’ll call her Anna,) and because of my recommendation Cheryl hired Anna in an instant.

Word came back – “Anna doesn’t offer a satisfaction guarantee, does mediocre work and is hurting your reputation by you referring her. Please stop sending her work.”

100% satisfaction guaranteeIf Anna had offered a money back guarantee – at the first sign of dissatisfaction, Anna and Cheryl could have had a discussion regarding their mutual expectations, and they could have settled without Anna losing the account. I know this because I know Cheryl and she’s a very level headed, low maintenance, reasonable, easy to get along with person.

Anna would have done better work in the future, and she would have been able to build on this scenario. If one client doesn’t like the way you clean something, the next client may not either. When you fix it at Cheryl’s house, you can then fix it at all the other houses you clean.

As it turns out, she was fired, and the Cheryl posted a note on NEXTDOOR – a neighborhood referral app: “Housecleaning: social media automation systemsbefore you hire Anna’s cleaning company, please call me, I can save you a lot of hassle.”

You DO NOT want to be Anna.

Anna didn’t like confrontation so it was easier for her just to quit and go find a new customer rather than owning the mistake and making it right. Unfortunately for Anna, her name and her cleaning service company were tagged in the archives of that neighborhood app with a red flag. (And the only person that can delete that is Cheryl. If she’s going to fix her reputation, she has to eventually have a talk with Cheryl and fix things – isn’t it better to do that now before you lose her as a client, and all the possible work that may be turned away from people who see the post?)

satisfaction guarantee red foil sealPeople will talk about you if you’re bad. The good news is they will talk about you if you’re good too. But you want to be the one who controls that conversation. You can do that with a strong work ethic, consistency, reliability, and an iron clad satisfaction guarantee.

Everybody these days is on social media, and all the platforms are linked together through productivity apps like Buffer, Hootsuite, Tweet Jukebox, Edgar, etc.

If a disgruntled client rants about your terrible service, and they didn’t get their money back and they are ticked – once that post is created, with a couple of clicks, they can post it to ALL of their followers on ALL of their social media platforms.

BAM! There goes your reputation. Now instead of it being an isolated incident, you have their entire network of followers (possibly some of your existing clients) hating on you.

Really you DON’T want to be Anna. I stopped recommending her to my clients and their friends. She lost a lot of business from me – and I wasn’t even the one who was hiring her – I was the person recommending her.

Your satisfaction guarantee is part of your sales close, it’s part of your marketing, and it should be the driving force behind every single cleaning job you do.

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