Scams Targeting House Cleaners

Scams targeting house cleaners are everywhere. We Ask a House Cleaner about the popular house cleaning scams and what red flags to look for. 

Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru gives tips on scams about identity theft and bank fraud that will leave you jilted, gypped and cheated. 

This house cleaner education is a “buyer beware” of those trying to rip you off and steal your identity.

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No Soliciting – House Cleaning Flyers

No soliciting. You see the sign in neighborhoods, apartments, and condos. So where do you put your house cleaning flyers if there is a no soliciting sign?

We Ask a House Cleaner about ways to grow your cleaning business. Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru says don’t ignore no soliciting signs or the HOA. 

She shares tips on door hangers, and ways to get more business through word of mouth advertising. 

Other ways to market your cleaning business include the community bulletin, and neighborhood newsletter.

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Bidding Variables for House Cleaning Estimates

Bidding variables for house cleaning estimates are the hot topic of the day. Homeowners ask, “how much does house cleaning cost?” And the answer lies in bidding variables.

House cleaners and maids ask, “How much should I charge for maid service?” Bidding variables. 

Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru gives tips on questions to ask.  A savvy cleaner knows what things to look for and how to price a job. We cover all that today on Ask a House Cleaner.

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Dog Poo and Mice Poo – Should Maid Clean it Up?

Dog poo and mice poo – should your maid clean it up? Or should you clean up the dog poo and dead mice before the house cleaner comes?
We Ask a House Cleaner about gross hazardous materials like body fluids, vomit, urine, dog poo and animal waste.
Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru talks cleaning advice, tips, and house cleaning training. What you need to know to be a savvy cleaner and keep your job.
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How to End a Job, Get Paid and Leave

How to end a job, get paid and leave without the house cleaner and homeowner chatting forever. We Ask a House Cleaner tips to end a job after cleaning when you don’t have anywhere else to go.
Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru says the maid service and house cleaning training should have tutorials on how to end a job.
If you run a business it’s not just house cleaning. You’re still working when you’re doing paperwork, social media, inventory, marketing and more. Chatting is not scalable for future employees you hire.
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