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Ask a House Cleaner, House Cleaner Broke My Stuff, Savvy Cleaner

House Cleaner Broke My Stuff @SavvyCleaner

House Cleaners break stuff. It’s never intentional, but how you handle breakage and damage at a client’s home is paramount to the success of your business. Some clients feel weird about asking their cleaning person to pay for damages – but you know they’re tweeting “My cleaning lady broke my things”. The House Cleaning Guru, Angela Brown weighs in on what to do when you break stuff while cleaning and proper protocol to resolve the issue.

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Ask a House Cleaner, Maid Talks Too Much, Savvy Cleaner

My House Cleaner Talks Too Much @SavvyCleaner

“The house cleaning lady talks too much when cleaning my home.” Clients #AskaHouseCleaner if there are rules about chatting in the cleaning training manual. “I paid the maid service to come clean the house, not yabber.” The House Cleaning Guru, Angela Brown shares proven tips for homeowners, and housekeepers. Listen: My House Cleaner Talks Too […]

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Ask a House Cleaner, No Key, Savvy Cleaner

Key, Alarm Code, Cleaning Client Won’t Give Me Access

Key, alarm code, personal entry. What does it mean when my cleaning client won’t give me access? How am I supposed to get in if they are not at home? If they trust me enough to have me clean, what’s the big deal? The House Cleaning Guru, Angela Brown chimes in with tips from the top.

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Ask a House Cleaner, Car, Image, Brand, Savvy Cleaner

What Your Cleaning Car Says About Your Company Image

Did you know the type of car you use for your house cleaning business can determine whether or not you get the job? Ask a House Cleaner what to do if you have a crappy automobile. The House Cleaning Guru, Angela gives you some proven facts about your ride and your company image.

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16 Ask a House Cleaner, You Charge Too Much, Savvy Cleaner

You Charge Too Much For House Cleaning @SavvyCleaner

Ask a House Cleaner what to say when a prospect says “You charge too much for house cleaning” or “I don’t make that much money per hour”. Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru shares tips to overcome price issues when bidding cleaning and organization jobs. You’ve got to earn money if you’re going to grow your cleaning business. And you’ve got to charge what you’re worth.

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