The 100 Dollar Wallet Hack

This 100 dollar wallet hack is the key to abundance, how is that possible? When you’re in a financial bind, you have to stay positive, because you reap what you sow. Here’s how this wallet hack works to help you change your mindset and get back on your feet!

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Hey there, I’m Angela Brown, and this is Ask a House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house cleaning question, and I get to help you find an answer. You can find this and 400 other answered questions in this series on our YouTube channel.

$100 is the Key to Abundance

100 Dollar Wallet Hack, The Abundance SeriesWhat if I told you $100 was the key to abundance? I know it was for me. We’re currently doing an abundance series, where we go from nothing to a wildly successful business. When you get started in the house cleaning business, often we start out at ground zero. We have a small amount of money to get invested in the business and the goal is to make as much money as possible. As we go from here to the wild business success of growing an empire, there are steps along the way that must be paid attention to.

That way when you get to wild success, you will recognize it and you will accept it as your truth instead of sabotaging it because it’s so foreign to you.

I Made a Bad Decision and Lost Everything

100 Dollar Wallet Hack, Sad WomanIn the process, I shared with you a story, how at age 24, I was diversifying my business portfolio and I bought another business that actually had 10 years of employee withholding taxes that had not been paid when I took ownership.

The IRS came after me and I lost everything I owned from that business and also my cleaning business, and I had to start completely over from scratch.

I Stumbled Upon the $100 Dollar Secret

100 Dollar Wallet Hack, Ask and It Is Given BookDuring that time, I was looking for solutions. I need to get back on my feet again, I need solutions. I was desperate, I was sad, I was depressed. While I was looking for solutions I stumbled upon a book called Ask and It Is Given.

Inside the book, there are 22 steps of things you can do to get back on track if you’re in a financial bind, and one of those was called the wallet secret. In the wallet secret, they suggest that you carry $100 with you in your wallet. Now, at the time I had $4 in my bank account, so coming up with $100 was just this huge amount of money that I couldn’t even imagine.

I was supposed to take $100 and put it inside my wallet and not spend it. I thought this is really a strange concept, but let’s see how this works.

The Premise of the $100 Wallet Hack

100 Dollar Wallet Hack, Abundance Creates AbundanceThe whole premise is this. If I have $100 in my wallet, suddenly instead of feeling like, “Oh, I’m so broke, I’ve got $4 to my name. How am I going to put food on the table today?” it comes from a place of, “Of course I can put food on the table today, I have $100 in my wallet.”

It’s a completely different set of energy that I’m putting out in the universe, and then you attract what you are. If you are positive and you’re like, “Sure, I’ve got plenty of money,” you attract more money to you.

If you are focused on being broke, and being poor, and being sad, and depressed, and sorry, and unlucky, and all of these things, that’s what you attract to you.

What You Put Out Into the World is What You Get

100 Dollar Wallet Hack, Woman on ComputerWe talked in another one of these shows on the abundance series about how when you make a negative post on Facebook, you get a lot of negativity coming back at you. Yet when you post a positive post on Facebook, lots of people come back and congratulate you.

What you put out there is also what you reap. It goes back to the law of the harvest; if we plant seeds, we get the seeds that we planted. They grow to whatever it is we planted. You plant carrots, you get carrots, you don’t get potatoes. That is the law of the harvest.

Keeping $100 Changes Your Mindset

100 Dollar Wallet Hack, Man Looking at SneakersThe whole concept of the $100 in your wallet, keep the $100 in your wallet at all times. In the event that you want to spend it, you can, but the encouragement is don’t, because here’s how this works. I’ve got $100 in my wallet, I’m walking down the street I see this new handbag. Whoa, it’s $80.

A part of me is like, “I would never spend $80 for a handbag,” but the reality is I got $100 in my wallet, I could buy it if I want to. In my mind, I just spent $100 on that because, sure, I’m wealthy now. I’ve got $100, I can buy that.

You go to the next store and there’s a pair of shoes. The shoes are $79. $79 for a pair of shoes. You’ve either been buying shoes at the thrift store, or you’ve been buying them on discount, you’ve been buying them at buy one, get one half off, whatever it is you’re doing like I was doing, then suddenly a $79 pair of shoes, not a problem. I got $100 in my pocketbook right now, I could buy it if I wanted to.

Spend the Money in Your Head

100 Dollar Wallet Hack, Man Holding WalletThe challenge is to spend the money in your head. Every time you walk by a store, spend the money in your head. I would spend the money 10, 20, 30 times a day on fun things that I never actually bought.

They weren’t hoarding and cluttering up my house, but I was like, “I have the money. Of course, I have the money. It’s in my wallet right now.” You go past a restaurant and you see a nice meal. Part of us is like, “I would never spend 50 bucks on a meal.” I could spend 50 bucks on a meal, I got 100 bucks right here in my pocket. What happens is it starts changing the way that you see the world.

My World Did End Up Changing

100 Dollar Wallet Hack, Woman WalkingOne of the interesting things is this, my world did change. I was able to get back on my feet, I was able to start my business over again, I was able to build an enormous cleaning empire. Okay, the good news is this, it’s been about 25 years and I still carry $100 in my wallet.

What’s really interesting about this is I don’t spend it. I spend other money, I spend lots of other money and lots of other money comes through my life. There’s a flow and energy of money coming and going at all times.

But the $100 dollars in my wallet celebrates this, I’m never going to be broke because I got 100 bucks right there. You say 100 bucks doesn’t go very far. I know it doesn’t, that’s not the point. The point is it brings and it celebrates to me that I have the ability to pay.

The Secret is Abundance

100 Dollar Wallet Hack, Holding Sign AbundanceThe secret is abundance. When you have abundance and you’re coming from a place of abundance, what you attract into your world is more abundance. My goal for you is to keep $100 inside your wallet at all times. Every time you want to buy something, sure, I could buy it, I’ve got a hundred bucks right here. Then maybe you don’t spend it at all.

If you do spend it, you’ve already exercised that opportunity one time. If you don’t spend it, you can spend it thousands of times over and over and over and over again without actually spending it.

The unconscious mind doesn’t know if you spent it for real or if you spent it in your head, it doesn’t know. All it knows is that, hey, there’s an abundance here, sure, I can afford this. Then it brings you more of that.

You Have to Be Willing to Accept the Abundance

100 Dollar Wallet Hack, Woman at CafeThe secret to abundance and the law of attraction and the law of the harvest is you have to be willing to accept the abundance. You do that by creating abundance. Now, it doesn’t count if you put an IOU in your wallet, because the IOU says I still don’t believe in abundance.

You’ve got to actually have the money to put in your wallet and keep with you at all times so that you come from a place, of course, I have the money. I am rich, I am abundant, I can spend the money at any time. I want you just to focus on this wallet secret, abundance creates abundance.

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