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4 Bath, 3 Level Home – How to Clean?

A 3 Level Home – How to clean a large house is our topic. Check out our reasons why having a solid routine for house cleaning is now your best friend!

When cleaning a three-level house, a system for house cleaning isn’t even an option! Find out how you can make cleaning easier and stay on task at workPodcast Rss Spacer Savvy Cleaner

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Hey there, I’m Angela Brown, and this is Ask a House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house cleaning question, and I get to help you find an answer. You can find this and 400 other answered questions in this series on our YouTube channel.

Best Method for Cleaning a 4 Bathroom 3 Level House

4 Bathroom, 3 Level House, Three Level HomeWhat is the best method for cleaning a four-bathroom, three-level house? It doesn’t matter how you do it, but do it the same way every time.

Once you get in the routine of starting in one room and working your way around in a system. Then it’s going to be easier for you to do the entire house if you do it the same way every time.

Now there’s something psychological about doing a routine and a pattern that creates comfort for us. So that we say, “Oh when I get to this, I know this comes next.” And you start knowing in your mind what the patterns are for your cleaning.

You Want to Start at the Same Spot Every Time

4 Bathroom, 3 Level House, House CleanerThe problem with a three-level house, or with any house where there are customers that are at home, is they have you start in a different place every time.

The challenge with that is you forget what comes next. And so, “Oh, what comes next is there’s a family in that room right now, and I can’t clean that room.” So, you forget stuff.

Even if you’re working from a checklist, it’s easy to get through the checklist, and you’re like, “Holy cow, how did I forget that?” You forgot it because of the routine and the pattern that you normally clean from is off.

Figure Out Your Routine for 3 Level Houses

4 Bathroom, 3 Level House, House Cleaner in KitchenSo, try to figure out the routine and then use the same routine every single time. We thrive off of routines in house cleaning because it’s more efficient for us.

It’s also more cost-effective for the homeowner to not have us there for longer periods of time where we’ve already cleaned our way out of our room. Then we realized, “Oh, there was a bathroom in that room. And someone was in that bathroom. I was unable to clean it.”

Now you’re going to go back and clean it and you’re moving stuff out into the room that you cleaned. Now you’ve got to backtrack and clean that all again. So, it’s way easier to follow a routine every single time.

Use a Checklist to Keep You on Track

4 Bathroom, 3 Level House, House Cleaner With Hand on HeadNow, one of the reasons that we do use checklists is to keep us on task. It keeps you on task so you don’t forget anything. But there have probably been times you’ve been done on a job and you’ve gone through the checklist and there was either a wing of the house that you forgot.

Or there was a room of the house, or a room that the customer was in that later they moved from, and because you’d already cleaned that wing of the house, you were like, “Oh my goodness, I didn’t even clean that bedroom. I have to go back.”

And so now you have to go back and do that, but the checklist will keep you on task.

When Customers are at Home They Can Mess Up Your Routine

4 Bathroom, 3 Level House, Family at HomeSo even if you have weird scenarios, and right now this is being recorded during the COVID-19 stay at home mandates. Now lots of people are at home that is not normally at home, but they are still having house cleaners now starting to come back into their homes.

So, it is possible, that you’re going to get to homes that you have your normal routine. But there will be people at home messing up that routine. And you’ll go into a room that you’ve already cleaned and that will be dirty again.

Because there are people there that are living in the house and they’re using that space while you’ve been cleaning.

Follow Your Patterns and Your Checklist

4 Bathroom, 3 Level House, House Cleaner ThinkingSo, there are a whole bunch of different nuances, but if you can follow a pattern. If you do that and keep your worksheet as the backup, because if all else fails, this checklist will keep you on task.

So, work from a checklist and work from a routine if at all and whenever possible. And that is the best way to clean your four-bathroom, three-level house.000 Savvy Cleaner Spacer Bar 2020Resources

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