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1 Secret to Advertising Your Cleaning Business

What is the #1 secret to advertising your cleaning business? If you want to grow your cleaning business what advertising and marketing do you need? We Ask a House Cleaner today.

Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru says word of mouth advertising is still the best form of advertising. But there are other ways to market your cleaning business. Branding, promotion, online banner ads and flyers are still effective. They all create awareness and boost visibility and feed the referral hub. The key is to set an example.

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Hey there, I’m Angela Brown, and this is Ask a House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house cleaning question, and I get to help you find an answer.

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Question: 1 Secret to Advertising Your Cleaning Business

 “I was just wondering at what point should I start advertising? For example, if I wanted to start working in March, how early should I be flyering the area where I want to work in? “

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Answer: Advertise Your Cleaning Business Now

Advertising, Female Looking at ComputerHow early should you start marketing your cleaning business to make it a success? Start advertising right now.

And so one thing that we need to talk about for a second is you’re always advertising. It doesn’t matter if your schedule is completely full and you’re completely booked. You always need to be advertising

Look at all Major Companies – They Are Always Advertising

Advertising, McDonalds CupTake McDonald’s for example. They’re still advertising. You turn on the TV, you still see ads, and we all know about McDonald’s. We’ve all eaten there. They’re worldwide. Why on earth are they still advertising?

They’re advertising because they still plan on being in business next year, the year after, and the years following. It’s the same with Coca-Cola. When is the last time you saw a Coca-Cola ad?

Today right? They’re always making new ads.

They keep advertising, and they’re forever renovating and reinventing themselves.

The Effects of Advertising Are Everywhere

Advertising, Coca Cola BillboardI was in a store the other day and I looked down and I saw a new shape of Coke cans. They were silver and they had purple and green and different colored labels on them. But it was still the Coke logo, and it’s a new Coke flavor or a new Coke labeling or something. It’s a way to shake things up, but they’re still advertising. The reason being is they too want to be in business today, next month, next year, and for years after.

Always Be Advertising Your Cleaning Business

Your house cleaning business is no different.

Once you start advertising, don’t stop. Run flyers or do radio ads. You can do podcasts or you do Facebook live videos. Or you can write blogs. You can offer gift certificates or have online banner ads. There are so many ways to boost the visibility of your business.

 Advertising is a Challenge for Many House Cleaners

Advertising, Female House Cleaner in UniformMany maid services think that all they have to do is clean. Wrong.

You have to market and create awareness for and advertise your cleaning company even when you have a packed schedule. Cleaning is never enough. There’s always a whole marketing angle that comes along with that. It’s the other half of your business.

Advertising drives new business to your door. And it reinforces the buying decision of your current clients.

You will be marketing and advertising for the duration of your business. How early do you need to start advertising? As early as possible.

Everything that you do for your business should have a marketing angle. Always think about your brand.

Branding Guides Your Advertising

Advertising, Cleaning Team in UniformsThe car that you drive -that’s part of your advertising. The uniform that you wear – that’s part of your advertising.

All those things combined are part of your brand. And so if you show up and your cleaning supplies are clean and organized and tidy, that’s part of your company brand. If you show up on time every day, that’s part of your brand.

What you do every day is part of your advertising. And if you do it right, your customers will talk about you. It’s called word of mouth advertising, or referrals as some call it.

Get Your Brand Elements in Alignment Now

Advertising, Red Car With DentsYou’re always marketing. You’re always promoting yourself. It’s never too early to begin. Now is the time to make sure your car is clean and tidy and you have the dents removed from your car.

You don’t want to show up to a customer’s house in an old beat up, banged up car that has duct tape on the hood.

Because that sends a message about the brand that you have.

If that’s the car that you’re driving and that’s all that you have right now, then you have to drive that car until you earn enough money to get a new one.  Earn enough so you can make down payments on a better car because that car is part of your company brand.

Your Brand Reinforces Your Advertising

Advertising, Female Looking at Full Schedule on CalendarFigure out what your cleaning caddy is going to look like. Figure out what your uniforms are going to look like. Decide how much time every day and every week you’re going to spend marketing.

There’s marketing and they’re advertising. Marketing requires time. Advertising requires money. If you don’t have the money for the advertising, that’s when you put in the time and you do the marketing.

There’s a big lesson behind that, and we do a lot of training over at Savvy Cleaner Training on exactly what your brand is.  We teach you how to set up your brand. You learn how to do all the stuff that you need for advertising and marketing, and which methods are most effective.

Think About Your Brand Before You Spend a Dime on Advertising

Advertising, Cell Phone With FacebookTake some time and build marketing into your business up front. A lot of house cleaners only clean. They forget the other part of the business is advertising and marketing.

You might clean houses for six hours a day, and you might do your marketing and advertising for two hours a day. But that is part of the bigger picture that keeps you in business like McDonald’s next week, next month, and next year. You need to be advertising and you need to be marketing all the time.

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