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Airbnb Cleaning Fee – How Much Should I Charge?

Airbnb cleaning fee, woman talking on cellphone“Airbnb cleaning fee – how much should I charge? I’m trying to grow my cleaning company and wonder if being an Airbnb housekeeper is a good idea. The Airbnb cleaning fee would have to cover the days they don’t need me.”

Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru discusses the Airbnb cleaning fee along with Airbnb guest prep. Every Airbnb needs speed cleaning between checkout and check-in and your basic maid service training will guide you through the tasks. 

Your Airbnb cleaning service can rotate chores on the days when there are no guests so you still get paid. There is money in Airbnb cleaning jobs – you just have to package your offer right.

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Hey there, I’m Angela Brown, and this is Ask a House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house cleaning question, and I get to help you find an answer.

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Question: Airbnb Cleaning Fee – How Much Should I Charge?

Airbnb cleaning fee, airbnb app on cellphone“Hi, Angela. I would like to know how you would suggest me marketing my business to Airbnb client. I have a client who wants services every day between check-in and checkout, which is between 12:00 noon and 2:00 p.m. 

How would you charge for that? And this is supposed to be a daily service, so I guess it’s a daily service unless they don’t have anybody, this checking in and checking out. How would you market your business to the Airbnb client? Thanks.”

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What is the Airbnb Cleaning Fee for Daily Service?

Airbnb cleaning fee, large houseAll righty. What do you charge an Airbnb customer for daily service? Well, if they’re expecting you to be there every single day, you may want to figure out a flat fee per week. Or a per hour charge so that you can be there every single day. And then what you might do is rotate chores on the days when maybe they’re not so busy or no one is checking in.

Now you said from checkout until check-in. This is a window in the afternoon, where I people are checking out of their rooms. And you’ve got to turn that room for the next customer that’s coming in. 

Now if that’s the case, you’re going to have some regular maintenance cleaning on that particular room every single day. 

Airbnb Cleaning Fee Should Be Set Charge

Airbnb cleaning fee, clock on tableThere are some other chores that you may be able to rotate. Like baseboards and windows and walls and lights and ceiling fans and stuff in other parts of this person’s house.

Then on the days where you’re slow and you don’t have a customer checking in, you clean other areas of their home. This way their home stays clean, and you have a regular income.

You can figure out your Airbnb cleaning fee by the hour or by the week. Package the services you will offer in this fee.

Airbnb Cleaning Fee Has to Justify a Daily Hold

Airbnb cleaning fee, woman cooking in kitchenYou don’t want to reserve this time for your Airbnb customer if they are only going to need your help on random occasions. Because you can’t resell that time to another customer if you’re “on call.”

Because if you’re locking out that time for the Airbnb, you can’t resell that time to another person. And so, you need payment for that time. 

So, either a flat rate per week or a by the hour charge is going to be most effective and efficient. This way you and the Airbnb owner can budget the time and money into your working agreement.

Airbnb Cleaning Fee May Include Greeter or Host

Airbnb cleaning fee, couple checking out of hotelNow there might other be services that they would have you do. Like maybe they would have your check-in the new arrival. Give them the key. Help them carry bags to their room etc. 

Now you’re acting as a host or hostess, as well. So that you can add to your services if that’s what you’re going to be doing. And then you might also make an agreement with them to do some food prep for the following morning’s breakfast.

So, what do you charge? It’s up to you. You and the owner of the Airbnb get to settle on the tasks and the agreed upon price. 

But add in as many services as you can so that you make yourself useful and valuable. This way they need you every single day instead of just on days when they have people coming in. 

Airbnb Cleaning Fee if Fair Could Be Steady Income

This sounds like a fun job. And if you price it right, it can keep you in business. Even as your company expands, you could put a part-time person on station at the Airbnb every day during that window.

And there may be a network of Airbnb’s you could man every afternoon between checkout and check-in. It could be a reliable and lucrative niche. 

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