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Ask and You Shall Receive

Ask and you shall receive is a common phrase, but what does it really mean? Spoiler: it doesn’t mean what you think! Asking is important to finding success in business, but you have to be willing to ask for what you want!

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Hey there, I’m Angela Brown, and this is Ask a House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house cleaning question, and I get to help you find an answer. You can find this and 400 other answered questions in this series on our YouTube channel.

What Does Ask and You Shall Receive Mean?

Ask and You Shall Receive, Woman with Book, Ask and You Shall ReceiveAsk and you shall receive. You might’ve heard this phrase before, but what does it even mean? Now, there is a popular book. You might’ve heard of it. It’s called the Holy Bible. And the Guinness World Book of Records estimates that there are five billion copies in print. I know. That’s a lot of copies, right?

I recommend it for this reason. There’s a philosophy in there, the ask and you shall receive. Okay, well, it’s a fascinating concept because who do you ask, and what are you asking for, and how many times a day do you get to ask? The question is not answered in the Holy Bible how many times. And I always wondered, well, is it like four times? Do you get four asks a day or is there a limit? Can you ask 30 times a day? How does that work? Well, the reality is it doesn’t matter. And it doesn’t matter if you believe in it.

You Can Ask Google And Receive an Answer

Ask and You Shall Receive, Man with Computer, I Do Believe in GoogleI have friends that are like, well, I don’t believe in the Holy Bible because I’m not religious. All right. Well, let me ask you this. Do you believe in Google? Because you might not be technology-oriented like I’m not. But when you sit down at your computer and you ask a question to Google, boom, an answer pops back.

You don’t have to understand Google. You don’t have to believe in Google, you don’t have to know how Google works. It doesn’t even matter. It’s out there. And if you ask a question, the answer will come back, okay. This is the concept of asking and receiving. Ask and you shall receive.

Here’s how Google works. You asked a question to Google, and I did this morning. My question was, how do I connect fluent CRM with fluent forms? And I typed that into Google. And guess what happened? Videos popped up, and there were blogs that popped up, and there were pieces of software that popped up as if to say, “Did you mean this? Did you mean this? How about this? How about this?”

Asking Clarifies What Exactly You Want

Ask and You Shall Receive, Man Typing on ComputerOkay, what happens when you ask is all of a sudden it’s like flipping on a light switch. Now you are clear about what it is you want. The asking is not for someone else to give you something. The asking is for you so that you can clarify exactly what it is your intention of trying to receive, right?

So, for example, ask and you shall receive. Well, what about you can only ask for important things? Can you ask for dumb things? So, I put it to the test. I said, “Okay, well, ask and you shall receive. Well, I would like to receive it. I will start asking.”

House Cleaners Don’t Want to Ask

Ask and You Shall Receive, Confused Woman in KitchenAnd I want to stop right here for just a second. House cleaners are notorious for being people pleasers. We want to please other people. We want to give, give, give, give, give, and we never ask for anything in return.

Therefore, when stuff does not come back to us in return, we feel cheated. We’re like, hey, what about me? Right. Well, we didn’t ask. And so, you have to ask if you are going to receive it, right? You have to ask.

It’s like part of the computer. You don’t sit down and wish that Google will give you an answer. You have to type the words in, right? If you don’t ask, Google will sit there and look all colorful at you all day. It won’t spit anything back, and it won’t give you anything. When you are clear about what you want, then all of a sudden it will bring something back.

Sometimes You Get What You Don’t Ask for

Ask and You Shall Receive, Woman Looks at ComputerHere’s the interesting part. It might bring back stuff you didn’t want. And you’re like, well, that is not what I asked for, but it gave you lots of options. And so, as you start looking at the options, you’re like, I kind of think that’s it. I kind of think that’s it.

And as you click on it, you’re like, nope, nope, that’s not what I asked for. And so, you go back to Google and you ask again. How about this, this, this, this, this? Well, I think we’re closer to that. And it helps you narrow down the focus of what it is you’re looking for. That is the purpose of asking.

You Have to Get Over the Hump of Asking

Ask and You Shall Receive, Apartment Parking LotNow that we’re people-pleasers, and we’ve got over the hump of asking how many times a day can you ask and what do you ask for. All right. So, going to a house, it’s an apartment, and there’s group parking, and there’s never a parking space. So, as I’m driving down the road, what do I ask for? I asked for a parking space.

When I get to this apartment and I’m going to clean, when I get there, I’m not looking for any random parking space. I’m looking for one that is right front and center in front of the door that I got to walk inside with my cleaning caddy and all my supplies. I’m looking for a parking space that is available to me right there at my convenience.

And so, what happens when I pull into the parking space, I have to expect that there will be one waiting for me. Okay?

You Have to Have Faith That You Get What You Ask for

Ask and You Shall Receive, Surprised Woman in CarThat’s where the faith comes from that we talked about in another episode in this abundance series. The faith is that I’m going to pull front and center, and there will be a parking space waiting for me. It’s not that I’m going to pull in, I’m going to drive all the way around the back, and I’m going to drive around the building, and I’m going to look for a place because I asked for a place upfront.

When I drive upfront and there’s no parking space, oh, wait, look, there’s someone pulling out right now. Yay. Just exactly as I expected it, right? So, I wait for a second, they pull out, I pull in, boom, I got my parking space. Okay? So, you can ask for anything you want.

Don’t Be Alarmed When You Get it

Ask and You Shall Receive, Woman in CarNow, the cool thing is, don’t be alarmed when you get it. It’s like Google search. But of course, you are going to get it. You typed in a question, but of course, it’s coming back. Something similar is coming back.

And I want to share the concept of something similar. Sometimes we ask for things, and it’s not exactly what we were hoping for. And so, I asked for, this is what I’m asking for, and I asked for this or its equivalent.

If I can’t park front and center, I want to park right to the side where I’m still on the same sidewalk, and I don’t have to go over the bumps to get through the parking lot to get to the car. I want to make sure that I pull front and center and it’s easy. If it’s not right here, maybe it’s right here. That’s the equivalent. It’s equally close, right? I will take the equivalent and nothing less.

Ask for What You Want and Nothing Less

Ask and You Shall Receive, Green Traffic LightThis is a concept. Nothing less is a concept that I learned from a book called The Game of Life and How to Play It. And the concept was when you ask for something, ask for that and its equivalent and then nothing less. Take nothing less, right? Okay, so what happens is now you’re in expectation mode.

So, what do you ask for? I ask for green lights. If I’m in a hurry to get from one client to the next, I’m going to ask for a green light. Hey, there’s a light-up there, and there’s a lot of traffic, and I need the traffic to go smoothly. And I’m going to ask for a green light and smooth sailing. Boom. I get up to the light and guess what? It’s a green light and smooth sailing because that’s what I was expecting.

Practice Asking for What You Want

Ask and You Shall Receive, Man Holding ClipboardSo, in this process of building abundance, I want you to practice this. This is your new homework assignment. I want you to start asking for stuff. I want you to ask for the sale. You get to a customer’s house, you bid a contract, you go on a walk-through with them, and then at the end you go, “Here’s my price,” and you just wait.

This happens all the time. House cleaners do not ask for the sale. They’re going to get back to you. They’re going to think it over or whatever. You got to ask and you got to ask for it right now. Do not leave the house until you have a sale, okay?

How to Ask for a Sale on a Walkthrough

Ask and You Shall Receive, House Cleaner with SuppliesIt looks like this. How soon would you like to get started? And they say, “Well, I would like to get started soon.” And you say, “Great. I have two openings on a Thursday between eight and 12. I’ve got this Thursday. I have next Thursday. Which of those two would you like? I can hold either week for you only until the week expires, and then I will have sold it to someone else.

So, I can guarantee the price and the slot right now if you take it. Now, you can always cancel all the way up into that time. You can cancel your first appointment with no harm, no foul, right? There’s no penalty if you cancel. But once you cancel, it’s gone. It will go to someone else. So, there’s no coming back to it if you don’t take it. You want it right now?”

And they’re like, yeah, yeah, I do. Okay, cool. All right? That gives them an out if they want out, but you’ve booked the appointment. Ask and you shall receive. Sometimes you get stuff and you don’t ask. But on the key to abundance, the secret is you must ask. Ask and you shall receive.

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