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Cleaning Lady? I’m a Cleaning Specialist!

Cleaning specialist or Housecleaner? Call me anything, but don’t call me the “cleaning lady.” LOL

Today on Ask a House Cleaner we look at titles. How do you want people to refer to you? Are you hired help? A Cleaning pro? A Cleaning Authority? Housekeeper? Cleaning Connoisseur? A cleaning technician or just a good old-fashioned maid?

Does it matter?
Actually – it does for marketing purposes so customers can find you.

Cleaning Tests From A Rental Property Manager

Tests and traps are set all the time for house cleaners and maids. Clients hide things for the cleaning provider to find to see how thorough they are.

Today on Ask a House Cleaner we look at some tests from a rental property manager. It’s a mini cleaning masterclass. Learn to ace these tests and have a steady stream of work from clients who want speed cleaning and quality.

Reviews – Should I Turn Them Off? #BadReview

Reviews are everywhere these days. But what happens when your house cleaning company gets some bad reviews? Do you turn the reviews off so no one can vote good or bad? Do the bad reviews hurt your business more than the good endorsements help?

Today on Ask a House Cleaner we look at the art of social commenting and how it affects the evaluation perfect strangers have of your business.

What strategies can you use to boost the praise and acclaim others give you?

Learn business tips to help you gather recommendations and five-star ratings rather than hiding from

Excuses – House Cleaner Calls Out Again

Excuses. House cleaning employee calls out again with another excuse. The reasons are creative enough, but that doesn’t justify the lopsided workflow for the rest of your team. Do your cleaning service providers have too many excuses, explanations, and cop-outs? Has your schedule run amuck with lazy maids giving you the song and dance of why they can’t show up to work today?

The House Cleaning Guru, Angela Brown highlights your leadership role. Combined with probation you can create new rules and ensure a paradigm shift for your team and end all excuses.

Barter – The #5 Rules of Barter for House Cleaners

Barter, trade and swap are all terms we’ve heard but have you ever thought of barter as an option to grow your business? Today on Ask a House Cleaner we look at the art of barter. Swapping and trade are a great way to fill cancellation slots from cleaning clients.
The House Cleaning Guru, Angela Brown shows us the difference between direct trades and reciprocal trades. And she’ll tell you how to get barter vouchers when you don’t need the product or service being swapped.
If your business needs a jolt of creativity, consider swapping house cleaning for web design. Or search engine optimization or the creation of a logo, or so many other business things. Learn how to grow your cleaning business with promotions from barter script.

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