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Creative Marketing for House Cleaners @SavvyCleaner

Creative Marketing tips for House Cleaners & Maid Services Creative marketing is awesome when you’re working from a shoestring budget. Make your job fun again, keep your client interaction alive, and save money on advertising expense. @SavvyCleaner by Angela Brown In 1991 I started my first house cleaning business. I was flat on my rump broke at …

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Hire Employees or Hire Independent Contractors? As a cleaning company owner, do you hire or contract your workers? You can’t train and tell contractors what to do but employees are too expensive to have in that industry, how do you manage your decision? @SavvyCleaner by Angela Brown This is a trick question and the answer depends on …

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Cleaning: Ways to improve your business. Cleaning, whether it’s commercial, houses, garages, RV’s, Automobiles, Seasonal, move in-move out renovations, all have one thing in common – people who need the service. And they can’t hire you if they don’t know about you. @SavvyCleaner by Angela Brown Become a cleaning expert. Be the “go to” guy for your …

Problematic Customer or Psychopath?

Problematic customer or psychopath? These mad, nutcase, house cleaning clients will make you wonder.
A problematic customer is among the three types of customers a maid service will work for. The other two are difficult customers and high maintenance customers. But hands down, the problematic customer is the worst.
Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru breaks it down in this maid service training. They give you impossible deadlines, micromanage your work, complain, and sometimes sue contractors.
We Ask a House Cleaner about the insanity and havoc they wreak for house cleaners and maids. And what you should say when you quit.
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HouseCleaning360 is a business referral network for house cleaners and maids and housekeepers.

Gut Instinct? House Cleaners in Danger @SavvyCleaner

Gut Instinct? House Cleaners in Suspicious Situations Gut instinct is what we call that feeling of unease that causes the hair on the back of your neck to stand. And yes, house cleaners and maids have to develop that instinct. Especially when they find themselves in homes where they don’t belong. The world is full …