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Clients Not Customers, Angela Brown, Savvy Cleaner

Why We Call Cleaning Jobs “Clients” Not Customers

Want to know why we call cleaning jobs “clients” not customers? Many house cleaners call them accounts, jobs, houses or cleans.
At Savvy Cleaner Training we teach residential cleaning techs to call jobs clients not customers. There is a mutual respect and professional perception that comes with titles or labels.
Customers behave like clients when you refer to them as such and maids are frugal with their time if they see a job as billable hours.

Ask a House Cleaner, Entitlement, Savvy Cleaner

Entitlement – House Cleaning Customers Acting Entitled

Entitlement is a problem with house cleaning customers. You go to bid a job and they’re like “clean my space, I’m a VIP, and I need special treatment.” They reek of entitlement with expectations of speed cleaning and they deserve a discount. 

The entitlement starts with the promise of rewards and a license to be rude. They expect you to stay longer than the job requires because they deserve it all. 

They have special rights, expect favors, and the rules don’t apply to them. 

Angela Brown in today’s Ask a House Cleaner talks about freedom from entitled and demanding customers. 

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