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Prejudice and Bias Towards House Cleaners

Prejudice and bias towards house cleaners? If you are a cleaning service provider you’re feeling the pinch from homeowner prejudice. Stuck in an old-fashioned mindset of chauvinism, racism, and bigotry. Maids and housekeepers with tattoos and facial piercings are feeling unwelcome.

Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru does a deep dive into open mindedness with a plea to home owners. “Hold off on the judgment, prejudice and pious attitude. Permission of acceptance the new norm. Get rid of your animosity, ageism, and sexism.

A savvy cleaner knows that appearance and first impressions matter. But homeowners need to realize that narrow-mindedness and house cleaning don’t mix.

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Depression – Are You Helping or Enabling?

Depression. You know somebody whose house is a mess. They’re filled with anxiety, gloom, sadness, misery, worry, and sorrow. The trouble with depression is you want to help, but you can’t change someone else.

Today on Ask a House Cleaner we dig into compassion and helping vs. enabling. Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru covers mild depression to severe depression. “Get clear about your reasons for helping.” Yes, you can volunteer, but you’re still dealing with mental health and neglect. It’s a classic case of desperation meets good Samaritan.

They have to want to change and they may not want your help or maybe they just don’t care.

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Video Games vs. House Cleaning

Video games are a great activity for kids out of school for the summer. But is it rude to play video games while the maid is cleaning?

Today on Ask a House Cleaner you’ll find out what to do when the maid is trying to clean around a kid playing video games. Whether it’s expected for the kid to acknowledge the maid while he or she is cleaning your room.

Is your maid interrupting video games at your house? Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru says “come clean with me”, or at least let me know what not to unplug or move. It’s all about communication and being a savvy cleaner.

Ask a House Cleaner, Too Young To Own a Cleaning Business if... Savvy Cleaner

You’re Too Young To Own A House Cleaning Business if…

Too young, too old to clean house. What’s the perfect age? How Young is too young to own a house cleaning business?

The House Cleaning Guru, Angela Brown shares some advice on the wisdom. And the experience and understanding required to be a business owner.

You’ll need some knowledge about customer service. Along with the ability to understand customers requests. And then be responsible enough to follow through and collect your money.

It’s not about being too young or too old – it’s about knowing what’s needed to run a cleaning business.

Customers Bathroom - Can I Use It

Customers Bathroom – Can I Use it?

Customers bathroom – house cleaners question “Can I use the customer’s bathroom?”

Some people are funny about the cleaning lady using their loo. But if “I gotta go, I gotta go.”

Today on Ask a House cleaner we cover private vs public bathrooms and what to do when the house cleaner has to pee.

The House Cleaning Guru shares tips from house cleaner training. She suggests maids sanitize the customer’s bathroom if they use it and other tips.

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