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House Keys, House Cleaners & Security Codes

House keys. Should you give house cleaners house keys or security codes? And what happens if the house cleaner loses the clients key? 

House keys are a common topic in house cleaning FAQ forums. Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru says a checklist for customer keys and a lockbox are a good idea. Every maid can have a private “cleaners code” to disarm the security alarm. And when they leave, they lock the house using their alarm code. 

If you trust the house cleaner with a key you can avoid lockout fees and skipped maid service.

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Ask A House Cleaner, How To Speed Up Slow Maids , Savvy Cleaner

How to Speed Up Slow Maids

“Can you tell me how to speed up slow maids? Speed cleaning is how I grow my cleaning business and maid service. I have a worker who comes to clean with me and clean my space and she’s super slow. Can you speed up slow maids or should I let her go?”
Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru says you can speed up slow maids. And she shares her pro cleaning tips in today’s house cleaner training.
Our Ask a House Cleaner sponsors for this show are Savvy Cleaner (maid service training.) HouseCleaning360 (list your cleaning business and find more clients.) My Cleaning Connection (a resource hub for this cleaning channel and others.) And Savvy Perks (employee benefits for maids and house cleaners.)

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