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Permission to Toss – House Cleaning Closure

Permission to toss my kids old toys? “Why do I need permission to toss? I paid for them.” Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru says when you ask permission of your kids, it gives them closure.
In today’s Ask a House Cleaner hoarding prevention tips we make it okay to recycle. Give kids their own “donate bucket” and let them get rid of old toys. Give them permission to toss. Once the bucket is full, take the stuff to Goodwill.
If your kid is too attached ask them item by item: “can I throw them away?” These organization tips will turn your kids into a savvy cleaner.

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Grief Hoarding – Death of a Loved One

Grief hoarding is when you bring home all the stuff of a loved one who has died. Grief hoarding is the sentimental value of trying to stretch your memories through stuff.

Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru gives hoarding advice. Learn how to celebrate their life without grief hoarding. Your memories are with the person, not their stuff.

A savvy cleaner knows how to savor the sentiments in remembrance without creating more housework.

Today on Ask a House Cleaner we learn how to honor your loved one while honoring yourself.

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Volunteer Hoarding Cleanup

Volunteer hoarding cleanup is a church members gift. And the cleaning business owner in charge of the project wants to Ask a House Cleaner about the legal issues.

Volunteer hoarding cleanup is a lovely gesture if delivered with tough love. Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru warns about the comfort zone of the homeowner. Yes, this is a church project. And while you’ve made commitments, there are a lifetime of issues buried in stuff.

Create a start time, and an end time for the volunteer hoarding cleanup. Remember this is a charitable project, helping hoarders. And your object is to clear clutter, not try to cure or rescue the family.

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