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Why Won’t My Cleaning Clients Recommend Me?

“Why won’t my cleaning clients recommend me? On my neighborhood referral app there’s someone looking for a house cleaner. All my clients have to do is recommend me and they would get a bird dog fee.
I’ve got the ratings and reviews, the social proof, and the word of mouth marketing – and yet my clients won’t recommend me.
Should I offer a bigger referral fee?”
Angela Brown goes into the recommendation process that every cleaner should use.

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How to Ask Do You Need a Housekeeper?

Do you need a housekeeper? How about a house cleaner or a maid? Are you nervous about asking the question do you need a housekeeper? 

Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru says you don’t have to go door to door asking people “Do you need a housekeeper?” But you to have to be top of mind and you need a killer sales pitch and daily marketing. 

If you want to get more clients and close more deals you need your new business to shine when prospects are hiring. If you do housework or you lend an extra set of hands to help out when clients are ready to buy. 

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House Cleaning Website ( and Plugins)

House Cleaning Website old vs. new – which is best? The old way was building a free website and the new is a paid website. For a house cleaning website which is best to market your cleaning business?
“Every house cleaner needs a house cleaning website.” Says Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru. Then she gives tips on vs. and plugins. Websites are a house cleaning FAQ. “If I’m going to grow my cleaning company I’m not going to do it on shared real estate. And it will be a paid website where I can optimize the SEO. (Search Engine Optimization.)
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Your Face on Printed Ads or Company Van?

“Should you put your face on printed ads as part of a creative advertising campaign? I’m trying to grow my cleaning company and we’ve done cleaning videos and wonder if you should put your face on printed ads?”

Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru says your face on printed ads is different from social media. We Ask a House Cleaner about creative advertising and other ways to market your cleaning business. 

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