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I Should Have Said No – Weirdest Cleaning Requests

I should have said no to the weirdest cleaning requests.

As a house cleaner or maid, we aim for customer service and customer satisfaction. But the day will come when you’ll have a cleaning mistake that will leave you saying “I should have said no.”

Today on Ask a House Cleaner tips include a house cleaning waiver and knowing when to walk away.

Housework Twilight Zone style will leave you with regret, lessons learned and saying “I should have said no.”

Ask a House Cleaner, Mom Syndrome, Savvy Cleaner

Mom Syndrome and House Cleaners @SavvyCleaner

Mom syndrome (could be dads too) is when mom meets the needs of others first. Mom syndrome is common among house cleaners and maids.
Ask a house cleaner cleaning advice for maids who come home to a messy house. What about Mom? Mom needs a break too.
Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru addresses Mom Syndrome. It’s not okay to take care of everyone else first. Moms priorities for self care prevent overwhelm and make her a savvy cleaner.
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