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Price Increase – How Should I Tell My Cleaning Clients?

A price increase for cleaning services is due. But how do you raise your fee for maid service? We Ask a House Cleaner about pricing structure and the inevitable price increase.
Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru says you’ve got to make money to stay in business. The cost for maid service goes up just like everything else, which means a price increase and a change to your cleaning contract.
Learn what to do if clients won’t pay when you raise your prices.
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Haggling Over Price – Drive House Cleaners Crazy

Haggling over price when you do a cleaning bid or job estimate? You’re not alone. Lots of customers love bargaining and discounts. They don’t want to pay “all that money” for house cleaning or maid service.
But is that any reason to be haggling over price and negotiating the housekeepers pay?
Today on Ask a House Cleaner, The House Cleaning Guru, Angela Brown covers some ninja mind tricks for maids. Learn how to stuff your job bid audition with eye contact. And body language, and rules and regulations, and confidence.
Don’t wing it when the prospect starts haggling over price or says your cleaning service costs too much. Practice. And your free estimate will turn into a performance that will land you the job and let you get paid what you’re worth and stop haggling over price.

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Tip the Owner Of The Cleaning Company?

Tip the owner of the cleaning company? Some cultures believe in tipping their house cleaners. But not the owners of the cleaning service. Some say you should tip your cleaning specialist no matter who it is. Which is correct? Do you tip your maid even if she owns the house cleaning business?

Today on Ask a House Cleaner we dig deep into the psychology of tipping. We look at ways to tip your cleaning service provider when you don’t have money to give. And we’ll even show you how you can thank your house cleaner in a way that is memorable and will bring them more business.

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Price By The Hour or Job for House Cleaning?

Price by the hour or by the job? Every maid who runs a maid service and every house cleaner asks this question. What is a fair price? How much should I charge to clean a house? If you bid by the job you have to do an in-home estimate to determine how much work is involved. If you price your cleaning services by the hour – you simply quote a price and schedule a number of hours.

Today on Ask a House Cleaner we look at pricing your cleaning services and ways for a new cleaning company to skyrocket their business out of the shoot and generate the most profit.

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Bidding Residential Cleaning Jobs – Secrets and Tips (2017)

Bidding residential cleaning jobs is not a mystery. Today on Ask a House Cleaner we cover some secrets and tips to prepare you for your initial walkthrough. Learn about the cleaning proposal, cleaning contract, and questions homeowners will have.

Arrive with confidence when you deliver your free in-home estimate, and become a Savvy Cleaner because you’ve landed the deal. Cleaning bids have never been easier.

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