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Should You Clean for Friends and Family?

Should you clean for friends and family? And should you offer a friends and family discount? What do you do when they ask “Can you come clean my space or come clean with me?”
Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru says friends and family don’t make good cleaning clients. Her expert cleaning tips say don’t work for family. There’s too much baggage and chaos to do speed cleaning and get on to the next job. And you may never get paid.
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When is a Good Time to Quit a Cleaning Client?

When is a good time to quit a cleaning client? It’s a tough call when you have to make the decision. A good time to quit is when your gut instinct or intuition kicks in and makes you want to end the contract.
We Ask a House Cleaner business advice for house cleaners and maids.
Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru says more questions are part of finding a good time to quit. Don’t just quit a cleaning client or stop working for a client. It’s a business decision that needs attention.
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How to End a Job, Get Paid and Leave

How to end a job, get paid and leave without the house cleaner and homeowner chatting forever. We Ask a House Cleaner tips to end a job after cleaning when you don’t have anywhere else to go.
Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru says the maid service and house cleaning training should have tutorials on how to end a job.
If you run a business it’s not just house cleaning. You’re still working when you’re doing paperwork, social media, inventory, marketing and more. Chatting is not scalable for future employees you hire.
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How to Get Out of the Cleaning Business

Get out of the cleaning business because the time is right. But what do you say to your cleaning clients? We Ask a House Cleaner reasons to get out of the cleaning business and how to retire or “graduate.”

Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru gives word tracks on how to say goodbye when you get out of the cleaning business. 

Whether you’re bored, have new interests to pursue, or you’re worn out, have aged out or have family situations. 

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Kids to Work – Can I Bring Them With Me to Clean?

Kids to work – Bring them yes or no? Nursing mom wants to bring a baby to work and says cleaning with a baby is not a problem because the baby will sleep. 

The problem with bringing kids to work is they could get into your cleaning supplies.

Today on Ask a House Cleaner Angela Brown gives us tips for Mom, kids, daycare, day share (instead of daycare, it’s day share.) And how moms swap babysitting. You don’t have to bring your kids to work. Every mom needs a break from babysitting 24/7.

Be a savvy cleaner. Don’t bring children with you to a house cleaning job.

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