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Cleaning: Ways to improve your business.

Cleaning, whether it’s commercial, houses, garages, RV’s, Automobiles, Seasonal, move in-move out renovations, all have one thing in common – people who need the service. And they can’t hire you if they don’t know about you.

@SavvyCleaner by Angela Brown

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Become a cleaning expert.

Be the “go to” guy for your clients. When they have cleaning questions, need help, be the guy with the answers. The more you clean, the more you’ll learn. The more you learn, the more you can teach, and do and share. Learn all you can about the cleaning industry and speak about your products and services with a voice of authority. Experience will make you better.

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Get really clear about your cleaning business goals.

What do you want to accomplish in terms of clients, income, service, employees, time on the job etc.

Create a map.

What will you need to do in each of these areas to accomplish your goals? How long will it take to accomplish each? There’s a saying: “Fail to plan – Plan to fail”. It applies here.

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Create a tracking system.

Some cleaning service providers use charts with stickers. They offer bonuses when employees reach certain goals and this can be with money, days off or added vacation days. If you work for yourself, you may just use a check list. Keeping track shows progress.

Review progress on down days.

If you get discouraged and have one of those days where you feel like you’re not getting anywhere, go back over your tracked results. It will inspire you. It will also give you a kick in the butt.


Create a social media marketing program.

Social media is so big it can’t be ignored. It’s everywhere and everybody’s on it. Figure out how you want your business to show up on the internet and then methodically plot out your Facebook page, Twitter account, Instagram and Pinterest pages.

Be active on social media.

You don’t have to be glued to the internet, but you need to have a presence. Your clients and prospects may look you up and being there shows credibility.

Update your social media profiles.

Most of the social media profiles allow you one URL. That needs to be your Website, or main Facebook page. It is where you want to drive all the traffic interested in your business. As you post, it links back to your name, and your URL, creating a trail of breadcrumbs that allow the search engines and prospects to find you.

Post Daily.

Make sure you make at least one Twitter post per day, one Facebook post, one pin, one Instagram, one post on Google+ etc. It all adds up when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

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Read books about the cleaning industry.

For about $10 per month, you can create a Kindle Unlimited account. Lots of house cleaning and commercial cleaning books are available free of charge with a Kindle account – and those that charge have significant discounts.

You can pick up a copy of my ebook: Start a House Cleaning Business (They charge for it on Amazon now, but you can get it free by clicking on the link.) Add your email address and it’s automatically emailed to you. It is a step-by-step guide that walks you through setting up your house cleaning business and having money coming in the first week.

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Join Facebook Cleaning Groups

We also have a private Facebook group that offers house cleaner training and maid service training. For a limited time we are offering free membership – and then it will be part of a bundled package that provides support for our training. Please join us at: Facebook Group for House Cleaners

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Join a Linkedin Cleaning Group

The Worldwide Cleaning Association has a group on Linkedin that has 25,770 members. Many of which are in the commercial end of the cleaning business. There are daily blogs posted and lots of peer-to-peer support. Membership in the Linkedin Group is free and as a member, I highly recommend joining the conversation.

Participate in the groups you join.

If you troll the sites, and you never contribute you will never get all you can out of the group. If you actively post questions and answers – the group members will become familiar with you. This leads to collaborations and recommendations. I’ve been referred business from the Linkedin group and I’ve passed along referrals to members of our private Facebook group.

Because of my participation in the Linkedin Group, I got a speaking gig at a conference, a radio interview and a magazine article written about me and my cleaning business. All of that was additional exposure at no charge – just the investment of group participation. You just never know what opportunities will find you, but they won’t if you’re not active.

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Ask your current clients questions.

Find out how they like your cleaning service. Ask them what they would like to change. Check out this article on questioning client satisfaction. It might give you some useful ideas.

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Announce you’re open for business.

It’s easy for neighbors, relatives and friends to forget the business you’re in. Mention it in passing. Mention it in your social media posts. Slide it organically into conversations. You never know when someone may need your service. I mentioned cleaning in a casual conversation at a Father’s Day picnic to a family member – who had a company job and forgot about me. Two days later I had the job complete. Booyah!

And now you – what are your tips for improving your cleaning business? Surely you have one good idea you can add to this mix. 🙂

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