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@SavvyCleaner by Angela Brown

How Do I Build Confidence When I’ve Never Owned a Business?

Confidence is crucial to your success as the owner of a house cleaning company.

When you talk to your clients, they expect you to be an expert. They are hiring you because you solve problems of organization, messy and cluttered houses. They expect you will clean their homes, and make them sparkly and smell nice. They expect you to know how to clean, how to budget your time, and what chemicals to use on various surfaces.

Savvy Cleaner Confidence Mind

How Do I Become an Expert at Cleaning Houses?

  1. By cleaning houses.
  2. By learning everything there is to know about house cleaning.Savvy Cleaner Confidence Level
  3. By adding certifications to your resume.
  4. By networking with colleagues and industry peers.
  5. By attending house cleaning webinars to learn tips and tricks to troubleshoot and grow your business.
  6. By correcting course when you screw up.

Things malfunction all the time on jobs, you will run out of supplies, you will lock yourself out of people’s houses, you will irritate small animals, kids will get in your way, you will bump plants that will knock over and make a mess, and you will bang your head on weirdly placed objects on the walls. I promise these things happen to every house cleaner no matter how long you have been in the business.

As you learn to navigate these “normal” issues in house cleaning, the drama from them dwindles and it’s not a big deal. Big whoop. You can handle anything…and that builds confidence.


Other Confidence Builders

If you are terribly shy and don’t like talking to people, or feel uncomfortable about making eye contact and speaking up when talking to clients, or you are not sharp when thinking on your feet, consider joining Toastmasters International.

It is a public speaking group that costs about $30 to join for a six month membership and has weekly meetings. The meetings are usually held weekly, and filled with supportive people. The meetings follow a scheduled agenda that walks you through the basics of presenting yourself in public. Things you will learn and practice in Toastmasters are:Savvy Cleaner recommends Toastmasters International

  1. Eye Contact
  2. Speaking in Sincerity
  3. Using hand gestures
  4. Mastering facial gestures
  5. Body language
  6. Vocal Variety
  7. Thinking on your feet

And so much more. Toastmasters is a world-wide non-profit organization that has benefits more CEO’s, salespeople, managers, bosses, and house cleaners, maids and janitors more than any other single organization on the planet. Employees who join Toastmasters skyrocket to the top of their fields because of the confidence personally and professionally that it builds. If you run a business, Toastmasters is an absolute must for building confidence.

Check out a club near you and attend just one meeting. (You’ll be hooked – it totally rocks. I went to weekly meetings for twelve years because of the confidence it gave me, not to mention I picked up many clients from my local Toastmasters club. Remember people do business with people they know and trust.)

The secret is you may be insecure, and that is okay. But when you show up to meet a client, and to clean their home, you are an actor. You are the CEO of a boutique residential cleaning service and you need to wear that title with confidence and pride.

Confidence and pride are contagious. If you have it and you share it, your clients will catch it and pass it along through referrals of you.

Did I miss any confidence building tips? What do you do to build confidence?


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