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Creative Visualization

Do you know about creative visualization? If you’re a house cleaner going through tough times and you don’t want to get out of bed in the morning this may help. If you are feeling sad, depressed and the world has done you wrong, there is hope.

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Hey there, I’m Angela Brown, and this is Ask a House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house cleaning question, and I get to help you find an answer. You can find this and 400 other answered questions in this series on our YouTube channel.

Creative Visualization is a Free Technique

Creative Visualization, Man Taking Deep BreathCreative visualization is a technique. It’s free. It’s available to you and it will totally change your life. Now we need to stop for just a second and share with you the fact that a lot of house cleaners work solo, they work all day every day.

Even if they’re part of a team, even if they’re an employee of a company, a bigger company, they work by themselves all day, every day. And they’re playing tapes over and over in their head that says things like, “Oh, this customer loves me or this customer hates me.” right?

And so, we tell ourselves things. We speak to ourselves. We have conversations with ourselves and that creates the world that we live in.

A Lot of House Cleaners Get Depressed

Creative Visualization, Sad Woman Sitting On BedOne of the biggest things that house cleaners find themselves in, and it’s frequent, is a state of depression. And so, I want to have this conversation and I will lead with a disclaimer. I’m not a psychologist. I’m not a psychiatrist. I’m not a medical doctor. I can’t prescribe any medications to you.

There are varying forms of depression that must be dealt with. If you need to see a doctor, please see your doctor. But what I am talking about are house cleaners that are out working every day and some of them don’t even want to get out of bed in the morning.

They’re feeling sorry for themselves. They are victimizations. We made another video that I’m going to link to in the show notes. It’s called Bad Stuff will Happen. And bad stuff will happen to you as part of the human experience.

Focus on the Moment When You Don’t Want to Get Up

Creative Visualization, Sad Woman With RingOne of the things that I want to focus on today though, is that moment where you don’t want to get out of bed because life is just terrible, right? You’re a victim. Life is terrible, bad things have happened to you. You’re just feeling sorry for yourself. You don’t feel well. You just have a whole bunch of chaos and bad things going on in your life. I get it. I totally, totally get it.

It takes me back to when I was in my early 20s. I was engaged to a guy and I was super excited to get married. And then my sister came across the country and she got a job near me. We were the best of friends. She mapped me out of the situation and mapped herself into it and she ended up marrying my fiancé instead of me. At that time, I was just devastated. I felt betrayed.

I felt like the decisions that I had made because I was banking on this guy who was going to be my husband, I felt that I was a failure. I felt that I was not worthy. I felt that I was second-guessing my judgment. I had a whole bunch of things going on in my head and I got trapped in this state of victimization. I was depressed, and I too did not want to get out of bed in the morning.

I Took My Sadness With Me to Work

Creative Visualization, House Cleaner UpsetAt the time I did have a house cleaning business and I was required to go out every day on a job. I went reluctantly and I carried this big cloud of disappointment and sadness and sorrow with me. If there were any customers that listened to me at the time, I kind of just puked all of this sadness with my customers, and I shouldn’t have.

I have learned the rules since then. But I was heartbroken and I didn’t know how to cope. I didn’t have the coping skills at that age to get me through the next area of my life.

Practice Creative Visualization When You’re Sad

Creative Visualization, Sad Man in Bed ThinkingAnd so, when you are in bed and you don’t want to get out of bed and you are so sad, you don’t feel like you can go on another moment, whether it is something somebody did to you, or whether you’re second guessing yourself or your choices, I want you to practice this.

It’s called creative visualization. It’s absolutely free and it will save your soul. Okay. What happens is this. Lay in the bed because you’re already in bed, right? You’re already there. Lay in the bed. You don’t want to go get out of bed, so don’t. Stay in the bed, but do this exercise. Imagine, what if you did get out of bed?

How do you feel when you get out of bed? I want you to think about this in positive terms. Now, it’s hard to be positive when you’re feeling negative on the inside, but here’s the thing. It’s free. And there’s nobody that’s holding you victimization, except you.

Imagine Yourself Getting Out of Bed

Creative Visualization, Man in Bed Thinking, Creative VisualizationAnd so, while you’re lying there in the bed, visualize, “I just popped out of bed like toast. I had all this energy and vivaciousness. And now, I’m putting on my shoes and my running clothes and I’m going to go out for a brisk walk in the neighborhood.”

So maybe you didn’t actually go for the brisk walk, maybe you’re still lying in the bed, but imagine what that feels like. And I want you to repeat these words and only these words, I’m happy because… “I’m happy because I got new shoes that I can wear on this jog this morning. I’m happy because I’m watching the sunrise and it’s the most beautiful sunrise I’ve ever seen.”

You Have to Imagine Yourself With Happiness and Energy

No, you’re not seeing it. You’re in the bed because you’re too lazy or you’re too tired or you’re too depressed to get up. Got it? You’re imagining this. “I’m happy because, ‘Oh, there’s a crisp coolness of the air and it’s the perfect temperature for me to be out on this brisk walk.’

And I’m happy because I have perfect health” because, in our imagination, we can have whatever kind of help we want, right?

Maybe you have a disability or an ache or a pain or whatever. Don’t worry about that now. In your mind, “I’m happy because I have perfect health.” and rephrase it as if you already have it.

Use Creative Visualization to Paint a Picture of Your Life

Creative Visualization, Cute Dog and WomanI’m happy because I’m out walking my dog” and you may not even own a dog, okay? But in your mind, it’s creative visualization. Paint a picture you wish was your life. How do you wish it to be?

And then say it as if it already existed with an attitude of gratitude. “I‘m happy because I have this cute little dog and he’s going for a walk. And now I’m happy that even though I have a dog, I have brought my little poop bags with me because he just pooped on the sidewalk. So now I’m happy that I brought the bags with me and I don’t have to carry it in my hands,” right?

I’m happy because I see my neighbors out and about. I’m happy that I live in this really nice neighborhood that has walking trails that I get a walk-on.”

Paint an Imaginary Picture of What You Want Your Life to Look Like

Creative Visualization, Cute DogYou can paint an imaginary picture, that is so happy, it’s a happy place for you. Instead of waking there or lying there just feeling sorry for yourself and “I felt so terrible. I can’t get out of bed,” you can paint this amazing picture of how you might feel.

What happens is your unconscious mind starts saying, “Whoa, wait a second. You just tricked me. You just took me to a happy place. I want to go there. I mean, I really want to go there.”

And it will start sending you on a journey like, “Get out of the bed. Really, for real, go outside and see if it’s true.” And if you don’t do it, that’s okay. Keep going through the day.

There are So Many Things to Be Happy About

There are so many things we can be happy about, but as you create this imaginary world and you do it every single day, when you run into that, “Ugh, I don’t want to get out of bed in the morning. I just want to hit this news. I don’t want to do anything,” right? I know how that feels, but if you’ll paint this imaginary picture, what happens is this.

The creative visualization starts sending out almost like little vibes to the universe, like, “Is this real? Is this pretend or is this real? Could this be real? I wonder what would happen if I actually walked myself through that same motion and if I could actually see the sunrise with my own eyes?

What would that look like, can I really get a dog, can I really carry the poop bags with me? Do I really have great neighbors?”

Your Mind Will Make Your Creative Visualizations Come True

Creative Visualization, Woman Watching SunriseYou gotta get out there and you have to find out, but what will happen is your mind will start presenting opportunities that will try to make those creative visualizations come true.

And so, my suggestion is not to focus on the sadness and the victimization, because like I said, there’s nobody holding yourself hostage, except you.

And you have the power to change. If you don’t change anything, at least change it up here because this is where it starts. The journey starts and stops right here.

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