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Declined From Facebook Group. Why?

Got declined from a Facebook Group – There is a series of criteria you must meet in order to provide a better user experience for all members. These tips apply to any business groups you join on Facebook.

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 Hi there. I’m Angela Brown, and this is Ask a House Cleaner. This is a show where you going to ask your house cleaning question,
I get to help you find an answer.

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Ask a House Cleaner DIY Question Spacer Savvy CleanerToday’s Question: Declined From Facebook Group. Why?

Today’s question comes from a woman who “wants to be in our Facebook group and was declined, and she wants to know why.”

Ask a House Cleaner Answer Spacer Savvy CleanerToday’s Answer: Declined From Facebook Group. Why?

Okay so let me back up a step.
I have a private Facebook group. It is designed for professional house cleaners.
So if you work for housecleaning company, or if you own a house cleaning company, if you clean houses all day every day for a living, this is a Facebook group for you.

It’s called Professional House Cleaners – that’s the name of our Facebook group super simple right? Okay cool.

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Declined From Facebook Group for Good Reasons? Do They Apply to You?

So why didn’t she get in our group? Because you have to request to be in the group and then as the moderator, I have to approve you.
So in order to provide a better user experience for all of our users, and that’s everybody that’s in the group, everybody who cleans houses for a living, I actually vet your Facebook profile.

So what that means is, you say “I want in your Facebook group.” Well, who are you?
And then I’m going to click on your link which is your name, and it’s going to take me to your Facebook page.
Here’s what I’m finding when I get to Facebook pages: I get there, and there’s a picture of a dog. So the profile picture which is supposed to be your head, there’s a dog. Okay so am I letting a dog into the group? It’s very confusing.

Refused Spacer Savvy CleanerWhat’s in Your Profile Picture?

declined from Facebook Group for Lack of InfoI’ve seen a picture of somebody’s mom who just recently passed away; they changed their profile picture to an image of a hundred-year-old woman.
In my mind, there’s not a hundred-year-old woman that’s out there cleaning houses.

So if that’s what you look like on your profile picture it raises red flags. It doesn’t mean you’re not going to get in the group it just means that it raises red flags.

Have You Maximized Your Cover Art?

There’s a great big banner that goes across the top of the Facebook. It called a cover photo. You get to say in that cover photo whatever you want, but can I suggest that you put something there.
Lots of people just have plain black. The plain black is where you used copyrighted information and Facebook came in and they’re like “You don’t own that picture.” And they removed it from your profile.
So when you see someone that has a black cover photo that’s what it means. It means that they used some kind of picture or something copyrighted, or something from a movie, or whatever. If they did not own the rights to. And Facebook basically just smacked their hands and took that picture off.

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Free Advertising Space For Your Business

So it’s advertising space. This is free advertising space.
So if you run a business guess what? You can put a business photo up of your business. You can put a picture of you cleaning someone’s house. It’s a perfect opportunity to share with your customers.
Did you see how I said that? Share with your customers what you do for a living, and who you are.

Now me vetting your Facebook profile is no different than a prospect who wants to hire you. Let’s say that I run out and I put flyers in all the neighborhood newspaper boxes.

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Your Customers Will Vet You On Social Media Channels

Facebook Group form accept or refuseIf somebody says “Oh look, I would like to hire Angela.” and they go to my Facebook page (to vet me) and then they see pictures of blackness,  or there’s nothing there, or they see pictures of some random piece of jewelry.

That has nothing to do with housecleaning. They’re trying to get to know me.  “Who is this person who is this perfect stranger that I’m going to let inside my house?” So use that cover photo to explain what you do.Now, if you’re not going to use it for your business there are a couple of things I might suggest.

If you have 5 dogs; have a picture of you playing with your five dogs. The message that sends to me is “this is my house cleaner but she loves animals, she’s going to be really great with my five dogs.
Or a picture of you and your kids. “This is a mom, she’s got four children, and so now I understand that she lives on a schedule. That she also understands the importance of tidiness and organization. I understand she’s going to show up every time because she has four mouths to feed.” Right? So it sends messages with the cover art that you choose.

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What Message Are You Sending?

right wrong headshots for Facebook Group

So for the profile picture that’s over in the corner, make sure that it’s a headshot just like from here to here (Just below the shoulders to a bit above your head) it doesn’t have to be a full body shot, and it doesn’t have to have anyone else in the photo, this is not where you’re hugging like two of your friends in your Facebook profile.
Ask if I’m a perfect stranger and I’m going to hire you, which of those three people and my hiring? I don’t know.

Make it super easy for people to know who you are. There’s one head in the picture. “Oh, that must be the lady that’s coming to clean my house.”
On that cover sheet, the cover that goes over the top of your Facebook profile, have that something to do with who you are, and what you do for a living. You’re sending a message. Make sure it’s a cohesive message with the business that you have which is house cleaning.

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What’s in Your About Section?

Okay now over in the about section, there’s a little place there on Facebook where you get to describe who you are.

  • Where did you go to school?
  • What kind of training do you have?
  • Do you have any credentials?
  • What is the name of your company?

The names that I use for my housecleaning business is Angela Brown. My real name, my married name, is Angela Oberer. But for 25 years I’ve used the name Angela Brown for my housecleaning. Do you know how many Angela Brown’s there are on Facebook?

So when a customer goes to find me on Facebook, and I type in Angela Brown what are they going to find?

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Include Your Zip Code For The Area Where You Work

And how do they know I’m the Angela Brown that’s coming to their house.
So, on to the about section write the ZIP code that you work in. I work in the zip code 28173.
And so when they’re hiring me from their zip code “Oh it’s Angela Brown who cleans houses because she said so in her profile working in zip code 28173. That’s the same Angela Brown that I’m looking for.”

So you can leave little breadcrumbs. You can leave clues to help people discover who you are on social media.

Now, why didn’t you get into my club? How about this:

There’s nothing in the profile that says who you are. Or nothing that says what you do. There’s nothing that says where you went to school. Nothing about your training. I have no idea if you’re actually housecleaner.
My Facebook group is specifically for owners of housecleaning companies or people who work for house cleaning companies that’s it.
If all that is in your profile is that you love tattoos, I have no idea if you’re actually the person that I’m looking for my housecleaning group. (No offense against people who love tattoos, I use this as an example, I could have said people who love piano music. Neither have anything to do with housekeeping.)

Opinions Savvy Cleaner

Does Your Timeline Help or Hurt You?

And then I’m going to look at your timeline.
The timeline is super important. Because if you have all these hateful posts that are prejudice that are full of curse words and all kinds of negativity in them,
you’re not getting in my group. I don’t want to bring that into my group any more than a person who wants to hire you, wants to bring that inside their home.

credentials spacer Savvy Cleaner

You’re Asking People To Trust A Perfect Stranger

What a person hires you, they are bringing a perfect stranger into their most valuable asset which is their home.
They’re going to have you working around their family, and their kids, and their elderly parents, and their pets.
They want to make sure the person they are bringing in, is a good top quality person.
Just by all the same tokens that I want to have a really good top quality person inside my club.
So if for some reason you did not get approved to be in my Facebook group, go back and look at those four things:

  • Look at your profile picture.
  • Take a Look at your cover art.
  • Look at the about section where it says what you do and who you are.
  • And then look at your timeline. What are the things that you’re talking about?

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What Are The Things You’re Posting About?

You might get the other three things wrong. But if you’ve got things in your timeline and it’s a ” hey, I clean house” maybe I’ll give you a lucky break maybe you get into the group.
My object is to provide the best user experience with everyone that’s in our group. So yes, in fact, I do vet you before you get into the group.
And if you get declined for some reason, I will probably send you a little note back this says these are the reasons why you got declined.

Punch up your Facebook profile, punch up your cover art, punch up the about section, and punch up your timeline.

And then it might be, there is one more reason you might not get in. If you have zero posts and you have zero friends, that screams spam at me.

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You Don’t Want To Scream Spam

I’m wondering if this person just joined Facebook today. And then I think well that’s odd, because Facebook is been around for years and everybody’s on Facebook.
Are you new to Facebook? Did you just discover social media? And that’s possible. It is possible, my parents just discovered Facebook like 2 years ago.

They have Facebook pages and they have no idea how to post. It’s so cute, but there are people just discovering Facebook for the first time. So if that’s the case then you need to make some friends. Find the people that you’re connected with.

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Don’t Be a Ghost

Make some posts. Create an online presence. I promise you this, if I’m going to hire you for house cleaning, and I check your Facebook profile there are no friends, and there are no pictures, and there are no posts, guess what? You’re a ghost.

I’m not going to hire you to come to my house. I don’t know you, and I can’t vet you, I can’t find anything online about you, and I don’t trust you.
I don’t trust you. Why? Because there are no breadcrumbs, there are no trails leading back to you.
So make this super easy on yourself, it doesn’t matter whether or not you want in our Facebook group. If you are online, and you have a business, you need to have a business profile that links back to you. Even if it’s a personal page, you need to say on your personal page who you are and what you do. Owner, of Savvy Cleaner. That’s it. “Oh yeah, she is in fact in the cleaning business.” Boom you’re in. Super easy.

Legal 2 Spacer Savvy Cleaner

I Don’t Make The Rules

So the reason I bring this up is because I didn’t make up the rules but they’re like 1.86 billion people as of February 2017 that are on Facebook. Okay, so, I didn’t make this up.
People will check your Facebook page to see if you’re valid, so make sure you’re valid that’s all I’m saying.

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Work Smart Not Hard

Okay, that’s it for today’s tip. If you like today’s tip please share it. Re-tweet it,  re-pin it, repost it, whatever you do on social media. Don’t forget to subscribe.
And if you have a question, head on over to leave us a question. And until we meet again, leave the world a cleaner place then when you found it.

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