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3 Top Ways to Clean Dirty Dog Paws

[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]The 3 top ways to clean dirty dog paws will stop the dog who tracks in dirt. They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but dog trainers will disagree. We Ask a House Cleaner about dirty dog paws and tips for a doggie cleaning station. 

Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru gives tips and cleaning advice for dirty dog paws. Use a bath mat, a doggie plunger, dog mitt and dog training. Healthy pet care makes for a clean house and a happy dog.

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Hey there, I’m Angela Brown, and this is Ask a House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house cleaning question, and I get to help you find an answer.

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Question: 3 Top Ways to Clean Dirty Dog Paws

 Today’s question is about how to get dirty dog paws clean, so we’re going to be discussing that today. All right, so the question came in from a homeowner. “My dogs run all over the house, and they leave a mess with their little dirty dog paws. How do you clean dirty dog paws?” And so here are the top three ways.

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Answer: Dirty Dog Paws – The Lowdown

 Dirty Dog Paws, Hound Dog Sitting on Floor with Muddy Footprint TrailNow, let’s back up for a second and talk about how do dog paws get dirty. Okay, so a dog has to use the restroom, and he’s going to come let you know. 

He’s either going to scratch at the door, or he’s going to bark.  He’s going to head towards the door, or whatever it is that your dog does to let you know that he needs to run outside. Now, dogs like to poop out in the yard, and they like to poop on grass. They don’t like to poop on cement. Don’t ask me why. That’s just the way it is.

Dogs Poop on Grass, Grass Has Mud

Dirty Dog Paws, Dog Sitting on Grass and DirtSo, you take your dog outside to poop, and they find grass, but grass grows inside dirt. Morning dew makes grass wet – hence the mud. If it’s raining, mud. Or, if you’ve been running your sprinklers – mud.

If you took as many steps on your hands in the wet grass as your dog, you’d have muddy paws too. And many people take off their shoes when they come indoors to prevent themselves from tracking in mud. So, we pick up mud from outdoors.

Dirty Dog Paws from Puddles

Dirty Dog Paws, Dog and Little Boys Playing in PuddleNow, another thing we need to be aware of is puddles. I don’t know why, but puddles are alluring to dogs and small children. They see a puddle, and they want to step in it, and they want to splash. It’s fun, it’s exciting. Yay! 

So, they get mud and water all over their paws. Then, they run around on the ground, and then they climb in through the doggy door in your house, or you open the door and let them back in. Without a system in place, you’ll have dirty dog paws running all over your house and furniture.

Dirty Dog Paws Leave Mud on Flooring

Dirty Dog Paws, Dog Sitting on Floor with Muddy FootprintsDogs track in dirt on your tile, hardwood floors, or carpet. Their first instinct is to run to a place where they can dry off their dirty dog paws. Like people, they like clean hands too. So, they’ll rub their hands and feet on your furniture as they get comfortable. There goes your light-colored carpet and suede sofa.

The Top Three Ways to Clean Dirty Dog Paws

Dirty Dog Paws, Three Dogs Being Trained By Mother and SonThere’s no way around it, it’s going to take some training. Yes, training your dog will take time. But you’re going to spend time forever cleaning up after your dog unless you put in the time to train your dog up front. 

So just like you’ve trained the dog to go to the door to let you know he needs to go out and go to the restroom, you can train your dog when he comes in to clean his paws.

#1 Top Way to Clean Dirty Dog Paws – Wipe Feet

Dirty Dog Paws, Dog Sitting on Mat in Front of DoorKeep a bathmat right inside the back door where the dog comes in. 

Always take the dog out the same door so that as he comes in there’s that little cleaning station for his dog paws. 

This will train your dog to do the same routine every time he comes in the door. 

If you’re always taking him out a different door, he gets confused, so take him in and out the same door. 

Okay, so as he comes in the door, there’s a bathmat. Bathmats have a rubbery bottom to them and they are absorbent. So as the dog comes in, train him to stop, and to rub his paws down, and to clean them off.

#2 Top Way to Clean Dirty Dog Paws – Dog Plunger

Dirty Dog Paws, Woman Using Cup to Clean Dog PawNow, the second way to clean dirty dog paws is a dog plunger. It’s made of silicone, and it’s a little cup. The dog sticks his paws in, and he wiggles it around, and it scrapes all the stuff off his paws. 

#3 Top Way to Clean Dirty Dog Paws – Hand Mitt

Dirty Dog Paws, Dog Paw Cleaning MittThen, the third thing to do is there’s a human hand mitt. It’s made of washable microfiber cloth and has fingers on it, so it grabs the dirt. 

Teach your dog to give you “five” or shake your hand. As he does, you wipe the rest of the dirt or mud off their paws. 


The Three Steps to Clean Dirty Dog Paws in Order

Dirty Dog Paws, We Like Clean Paws Graphic of Puppies and Cleaning Mitt

  1. The dog wipes his own paws when entering. 
  2. Your dog dips his hands one by one in the dog plunger.
  3. Your dog shakes your hand as you wipe off his feet.

The three-step process is easy – takes only a few seconds and can be applied by all family members or pet sitters.

Once trained, if somebody doesn’t wipe his paws, he’ll sit there on the mat and he’ll wait, like, “Oh, hey. It’s time for you to clean my paws before I come inside the house.”

Train Your Dog as a Pup

  1. Dirty Dog Paws, Dog With Leash in Mouth Waiting by Door

 They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. That’s a bogus myth. Dogs like to be clean just like people. And within a few tries of consistent reinforcement, your dog will expect the new routine.

 Want a house free of dog tracks and mud? Get rid of the dirty dog paws.



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