Domain Authority and Why it Matters to House Cleaners, Angela Brown, Savvy Cleaner

Domain Authority and Why it Matters to House Cleaners

Let’s talk about domain authority and why it matters to house cleaners. What is Search Engine Optimization and how important is SEO for business success?

Listen to learn how to improve the rank of your house cleaning company.

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Hey there, I’m Angela Brown, and this is Ask a House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house cleaning question, and I get to help you find an answer. You can find this and 400 other answered questions in this series on our YouTube channel.

What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority and Why it Matters to House Cleaners, Domain AuthorityWhat is domain authority, and what does it have to do with house cleaning? There was a house cleaner who wrote into the show, asked a question about domain authority, and is it important for her to focus on? The answer is yes.

Domain authority is a ranking, it’s a scale from one to a hundred. It’s how likely are you, the closer you get to the top, how likely are you to rank in the search engines for your business. You want to get as high as you can, but probably impossible that you’ll ever get to a hundred. The companies that are at a hundred are websites like Facebook, Google, Amazon and YouTube.

So, for a house cleaning business, you’re probably going to be somewhere lower on the scale, it will be in the teens or the twenties. And the goal is to be above your competitors in the same space, in the area in which you live. So that will help you rank in the search engines.

You Can Check Your Domain Authority Now

Domain Authority and Why it Matters to House Cleaners, SEO BlocksThere’s a website where you can plug in your website and determine what the number is and where you are right now. What’s cool about the website, when it pulls up the information, it also pulls up some analytics, and it will show you who your biggest competitors are in your market. 

So, what is important about being online and being found? Well most importantly it saves on marketing. And so, there’s a term called SEO, and what it means is search engine optimization, which are little tweaks that you can do to your website that will help you rank better over time.

What that means is that you are found more and found easier online. And so, what are those things and how important is it?

SEO is Not Going Away

Domain Authority and Why it Matters to House Cleaners, SEO GraphWell, first, you’re a business owner, you’re super busy, you’re running a business, you don’t have time to learn SEO. But SEO is not going away. And so, as a back-burner hobby, it would be a good idea you learn SEO. And this sounds weird and kind of off-topic, because what does it have to do with your business?

It has everything to do with marketing and everything about how your business will be found online in the future. Now, think about this, if you were going to buy something or something was of interest to you, where would you go for information? You’d go online.

You’ll  pull up a website, go to a store, look at ratings and reviews, you look for social proof, you might go to somewhere like Facebook and ask your friends, “Hey, I’m thinking about getting this, what do you recommend?” Everybody buys that way now.

If You’re Not Online Your Visibility is Going to be Low

Domain Authority and Why it Matters to House Cleaners, Man and Woman Look at ComputerAnd so, if you are not online and you can’t be found online, then your visibility is going to always be at the bottom of the barrel, and you’re going to have to pay a lot of money to try to bring yourself back.

There are companies that do SEO for a living and these are SEO specialists that I trust, and I trust them because they have house cleaning businesses, they know what you’re looking for, what your keywords are, what you need, and they can help boost your business. They are specialists, inside the house cleaning industry, for SEO. So, you can hire those people.

You Want to Learn SEO for Yourself

Domain Authority and Why it Matters to House Cleaners, SEO CirclesBut, on the back burner, you can also learn it yourself. For the main reason that SEO is not going away. And if you learn some stuff, you can ask your team that you hire better questions.

When they give you information, instead of going right over the top of your head, you will understand what it is they’re saying, and you will understand how you can help them grow the SEO for your business.

So, the domain authority goes back to, how are you linked and how are the things in your website set up so that they are ranking higher? There are little things that you can do, that are perfectly legal, that are helpful to you to be more visible and be seen.

There are Ways to Pay to Boost Visibility

Domain Authority and Why it Matters to House Cleaners, Man Looks at ComputerNow, there are also paid ways that you can boost your visibility in the search engines. But it would be a good idea for you do both.  You can do pay search and you can do what’s called an organic search. The organic search is the long-term things that you do. You write a blog, and your blog title has certain keywords in it, and then the description has certain keywords in it.

Then when you’re explaining what the website is, on the backend of the website, there is a little snippet that goes out to Google. And you’re going to tell that little snippet what this blog is about, and you’re going to also use those keywords.

So, there are little things like that, that will help boost your visibility. Now, if you go back into that same blog and you add an audio or a video file that has the same keywords in it, it will also boost your visibility in the search engines.

There are Some Free Ways to Learn SEO

Domain Authority and Why it Matters to House Cleaners, Internet SnippetSo, as stated, there are lots of little things you can do, and a specialist that you hire can help walk you through those things. But you can also learn a lot, free of charge, by watching YouTube videos, reading blogs and books.

If you are a member of Kindle Unlimited, they have lots of SEO books that are available, you can check out 10 at a time before you have to return a book, it’s like a public library.  But it’s $10 a month, it’s not free, but you can access unlimited information that will help you through this process.

Everything With Marketing in the Future Will Be Online

Domain Authority and Why it Matters to House Cleaners, SEO on ComputerSo, if you are starting a house cleaning business, everything that has to do with marketing for the future is going to be online. The entire world is moving online to find you. There will still be other ways, like wrapping your car and doing direct mail ads, running flyers, and things like that, which will bring in business.

But in the end, before those people hire you, they’re going to go back to your website, they’re going to go back to your social proof and social media. They’re going to look to make sure that you are a valid business and that people online know, like, and trust you.

It’s More Important Than Ever to Raise Awareness

Domain Authority and Why it Matters to House Cleaners, SEO ProcessSo, it’s more important than ever that you raise awareness, and you can do that by improving your domain authority and by boosting your SEO. That way, it will help you across the board with the landscape of your business.  The SEO game is a long-term game, it’s not something that’s going to happen overnight.

Even if you do all the right things, it’s going to take a few months, a few weeks, a year, a couple of years, to build that over time. It’s like building a reputation, it doesn’t happen overnight, it takes a little bit of time. And so, it’s something you want to start on right now. And if you have any free time, it’s time to get excited about this.

Because, it’s the future of marketing, it’s where everybody is turning right now, and you want to be equal or above your competitors online.

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