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Why I Fired My House Cleaner

“Why I fired my house cleaner doesn’t matter to anyone but my house cleaner.” Today we Ask a House Cleaner, Should I tell my maid why I’m firing her?

Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru suggests communication rather than confrontation. This conversation between you and your cleaner can help them know why they were let go or fired. “Why I fired my house cleaner” are issues you can prevent if you communicate your needs upfront. 

Don’t say “Why I fired my house cleaner” rather say “Why I hired my house cleaner.”

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Hey there, I’m Angela Brown, and this is Ask a House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house cleaning question, and I get to help you find an answer.

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Question: Why I Fired My House Cleaner

Today’s question comes from a homeowner who is going to fire her house cleaner. And her house cleaner is a woman, whom she says it’s kind of immature. And won’t take the news well.

But she wants to know “Should she tell the house cleaner the reasons why she’s firing her?”

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Answer: Don’t Get Fired. Learn From Your MistakesFired My House Cleaner, woman sad

Okay, I love this question and here’s why.

If you are able to tell your house cleaner why they’re getting fired. They can take that information and constructive criticism and apply that towards their business. 

And as they go forward into the future not make the same mistakes again.

That’s the perfect scenario, right?

Okay, the truth of the matter is if she’s emotionally not mature enough to take the information. She’s most likely a new business owner who hasn’t had much experience. And hasn’t been fired, or doesn’t know how to deal with that on a professional level.

Fired for Not Being ProfessionalFired My House Cleaner wanna Know Why

But the reality is you’re hiring a professional. And the professional thing to do is to give a rating and review to this house cleaner. And let them know “Yes, we love you, or Nah, we’re not so happy.”

Now I am one of these people I don’t like confrontation. I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings that’s just not who I am.

However, if I were paying a house cleaner and they were receptive to my opinions. And we had some kind of a good relationship where we were able to communicate back and forth. I would want her to know the reasons why I’m firing her now.

Why I Fired My House Cleaner – The Truth Hurts

And so, my suggestion is yes, share the reasons why.

It might be painful, and the house cleaner may not want to hear it. And she may even get upset and frustrated with you. And she may even go to social media and blab to her friends that she got fired. This happens all the time.

But, when she stops to think about it and she starts to grow her business. And she realizes that she keeps getting fired, she’ll appreciate the customer who told her why.

She can take those reasons and reinvent her business so she can stay in business.

Why I Fired My House Cleaner – Learn From Your Mistakes

Some house cleaners are not receptive to constructive criticism. They take their business personally because they are the business.
When you go into a customer’s house it’s you. You and your sweat equity. It’s hard to keep an open mind when you have an upset or an angry customer, or you get fired.
But, having said that, you can bless the life of this maid by being diplomatic and being honest.

Fired my House Cleaner checklistStick to the Facts – “The Reasons Why I Fired You”

“There are four reasons that I fired you and I’d like to share with you what they are. Do you think that you would like to hear what they are so that it will help you for your future business?”

And if they say “No, I don’t even care.” Then I would not share those four reasons why.

But, if they say “Yeah, I guess I need to know.” Then maybe they’re receptive and then yes go ahead and share those four reasons why.

Are The Reasons Valid?

Fired my House Cleaner woman looking at herself in the mirror

Are you nitpicking? Or are these real reasons or just your personal issues? Have you had these issues with a multiplicity of house cleaners?

Because maybe it’s you.

If it’s you, can you share these reasons when you’re hiring a maid?
“Hey, before I hire you, there are four hot buttons that I have. Four things that are important to me. Can you help me with these 4 things?”

And if they don’t have that in their range of capabilities, then you need to move on and find a house cleaner who does.

Fired my House Cleaner, woman on a hamster wheelDon’t Waste Your Time or The House Cleaners

It wastes everybody’s time when many house cleaners come give you a free job estimate. Only to discover you’re too high maintenance, 
or that you have requirements they cannot meet.

And there are home owners that have unrealistic expectations. Like “you’ll come and you’ll clean my house for 2 hours then you will leave while my children take naps. And then you will come back after nap time and you will finish up the job.”

That is an unrealistic expectation. Because the house cleaners have other jobs. They need to finish at your house and move on to the next. They can’t come back because you had someone sleeping in your house during a particular time of the day.

That’s just unrealistic, that doesn’t make sense.

Help the House Cleaner by Being Upfront, and Truthful

So should you tell your house cleaner? Yeah, you should. If you think the house cleaner would be able to receive that information.

And if your house cleaner is not mature enough, then you have to vote with your money. Just quietly go away and hope that they figure it out.

That’s my two cents for today and until we meet again leave the world a cleaner place than when you found it.

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