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Get the most from your segment check out these simple tips listed here.

The Cleaning World is Excited to See You Again

You’re about to go online in front of a world-wide House Cleaning audience.

These are cleaning business owners, Airbnb and vacation rental hosts who do their own cleaning, and homeowners who have infiltrated our business network to learn everything there is to know about cleaning. Woot Woot!

The Good News: Relax – The Shows Aren’t Live

We record all our guest expert segments in advance and then have a team of editors tweak them to position each segment in the best possible light.

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The Best News: They Will See Your Face

Video is becoming so popular that at Savvy Cleaner all our segments are now recorded for Audio and Video. This gives you a chance to promote your expertise in both YouTube and Podcast style. And while at first, that may seem a little nerve-racking – there are already a kabillion people on YouTube so it’s really no big deal.

And it’s been proven that people take more action on things they see over things they just hear – so seeing your face cements your expertise and offer in their minds. Here are some tips for show success:

Do a Test-Run With Your Computer

Technology can be overwhelming and with online interviews especially, you need to feel comfortable using zoom.

Once you’ve set up a free account – it’s a good idea to test your internet connection as well as your audio and sound capabilities to make sure everything works properly.

You can also download a free zoom app on your smartphone as a backup or if you will be joining us on your smartphone.

Pro Tip: Once you’ve logged into zoom in the bottom left corner of your screen is a picture of a microphone and camera. NEXT to the pictures are small arrows. Click on the arrows to test your microphone and camera.

For tips on how to use zoom click here: https://zoom.us/resources

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Open the Doors Between

Your Computer and Your Router

Wifi signals can be absorbed by walls, doors, metal and water and other wifi electronics. We will be using your wifi signal to record your side of the show. To prevent the show from “freezing” or ending up grainy, and fragmented, make sure you have a clear frequency path from your computer to the router.

The frequency from the router shouldn’t have to pass through kitchen or laundry room appliances, fish tanks, metal or steel shelving, steel, metal or concrete walls. There are a couple of videos here that explain how wi-fi signals work. You probably already know this stuff, but it’s here as a reminder. 🙂


Once your computer is set up scoot back from the computer at least arms length. This will do a couple of things.

1: The video recording will show that your head is connected to a body – rather than a floating head. We want to see from your shoulders up.

2: It levels out your eye angles. With the camera practice settings in Zoom, you can move the computer around until you achieve the right angle so you look awesome.

There is a tendency to get really close to the computer – and this causes a weird upward angle looking up your nose. And it’s not usually the most flattering version of you.

Note: Our editing team is brilliant, but they only have the angles you give us to edit. Help us help you look your best.

Arms Length on Computer looks like this
Laptop with Ring Lights for Online Interview, Savvy Cleaner

Pick a Well Lit Spot to Record

Make sure it’s not too dark but also stay away from overhead lights during the interview if you can.

Natural light from a nearby window is perfect.

NOTE: Make sure your face is towards the window, not your back. The natural light will light your face.  (This means the computer is between you and the window.)

If you don’t have natural light, a lamp or light directly in front of you at eye level will do a great job to illuminate your face.

Many show experts invest in a couple of cheap smartphone ring lights to connect right to their laptop so that anywhere they are – they have perfect lighting. And of course, if you’re recording from a smartphone, this is also an exceptional choice.

Turn the Smartphone Sideways

When recording on a smartphone turn it horizontal (sideways) so the picture fills the space on a computer or widescreen TV.

Smartphone Tripod for online interviews, Savvy Cleaner

Use a Smartphone Tripod

If you are using a smartphone to film consider using a smartphone tripod. This will steady the shot and allow you to adjust the height so the phone is at eye level. A tripod will also allow you to position the phone a bit further than if you were holding it with your hand.

The distance will give you a chance to hold up your product or use hand gestures to help illustrate a point without shaking the camera.

Get the Most From Your Segment – Eliminate Distractions

Silence anything that could interfere with your conversation, including your phone and email notifications on your computer. It’s also a good idea to schedule your segment when kids and pets, lawn mowers, vacuums, etc. won’t be a distraction.

Noise Makers that Interrupt

We love electronics, animals, children and manicured lawns and hope that we can enjoy them at times other than during your show. 🙂

Casual Man

Business Casual Dress is Okay

While filming on camera there is a tendency to want to overdress. The good news is we are not CNN and we don’t require you to be in a suit and tie. You are speaking to a global audience of cleaning industry professionals whose standard dress are polo shirts and khakis.

Sure, you want to be camera ready with hair and makeup done, but your personality and smile are more important to us than the clothes you wear. When you show up for your segment business comfortable works just fine for this show.

Practice Your Pitch

Because the shows are short 5-8 minutes your segment will be short. If you are introducing a product pick one feature of the product to highlight and tell us why that feature will (save time, money, hassle, etc.) and then give a quick call to action.

You can be a correspondent on several shows so there will be lots of opportunities to share different features and different products.

For every show, you have the chance to upload a product image and a new link to wherever you want people to go to learn more. Get the most from your segment by uploading graphics and pictures that help tell your story.

You can also send B-Roll which is a video of you using the product, app or service you are promoting.

NOTE: Enthusiasm sells. So bring your best stuff.

Practice Your Pitch for Online Interviews
Focal Point for Laptop online Interview, Savvy Cleaner

Look the Camera Lens in the Eye

Get the most from your segment by connecting with the viewers. While Angela will be on camera with you don’t look at her. Look at your camera lens instead. This makes it look like you’re talking directly to the person watching the show. (I know, it’s one of the hardest on camera tricks to learn – but it sucks the viewer in and it makes them feel like they are in a personal conversation with you.)


It’s great to have a drink nearby in case your mouth dries out while talking. Mugs are great. Plastic (squeaky) water bottles – not so great.

Let’s Have Fun

This is going to be so much fun to share a high energy 90 seconds with you and our audience learning more about what you’re up to. Let’s do this.

Right Type of Mug
3_Studio Headphones
1_ Wireless Earbuds
4_ KLIM Fusion

Use a Headset/Microphone

Yes, wearing a headset looks silly. But filming without one creates a crappy, hard to edit, hard-to-make you sound great segment.

It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive – but it does need to plug into your computer or tablet.

And when you connect to Zoom choose the “CONNECT THROUGH COMPUTER AUDIO” option.

Location Appointment

Get the Most From Your Segment At Show Time

When it’s time for your segment simply click on the link in your calendar appointment. Once you’ve logged in you’ll have a minute to check your settings and get settled. How you see yourself on screen is how the recording will show you. So this is last looks and time to primp before the show begins.

See you then. 🙂

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