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There’s a Ghost in the House Watching Me Clean

There’s a ghost in the house watching me clean. Call it old-fashioned haunting. It’s not a scary ghost but how to clean when you can feel the presence of a ghost while house cleaning?

Ask a House Cleaner how to deal with a ghost or what to do if you’re watched by a ghost. Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru says “A ghost was a person, use your best people skills.”

You might be the house cleaner of a haunted house but you can still clean. Here are some ghost precautions for house cleaners that will make you a savvy cleaner and a friend to ghosts.

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Hey there, I’m Angela Brown, and this is Ask a House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house cleaning question, and I get to help you find an answer.

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house cleaner freaked there's a ghost in the houseQuestion: There’s a Ghost in the House Watching Me Clean

What do you do when you’re house cleaning, and there’s a ghost in the house? We are going to talk about that today.

Hi there. I’m Angela Brown, and this is Ask a House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house-cleaning question, and I get to help you find an answer. Today’s question comes from a woman who is serious about this topic. Her question is, “When I clean at this house, there’s a ghost in the house. How are you supposed to clean house when a ghost is watching you?” 

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Answer: There’s a Ghost in the House Watching Me Clean

Ghost in the House chatting with house cleaner

That’s an excellent question, but I’m not sure I have the best answer for you since I’m not an expert on ghosts.  I am an expert on people and house cleaning, and so I will share this with you. A ghost, if we’re talking about the ghost of a person, was once a person, so they would respond as a regular person would respond.

Now, if you can see the ghost, you might need to see a therapist, because that’s spooky. If you can’t see the ghost, but you just feel their presence, that’s also a possibility. I’m not knocking those of you that believe in ghosts, and I’m not knocking those of you that don’t. I am saying is that it is possible. So pretend with me for a minute that it is a possibility that you go to clean a house, and there’s a ghost in the house. What do you do?

Ghost in the house leaving the house clenaer to cleanName the Ghost

If it was me, and I was inside the house and I felt the presence of a ghost, what I would do? Since I am a little zany and quirky, I would talk to the ghost. I’d say something like, “Hey ghost! You know what? Let’s not call you ghost, let’s give you a name. Let’s call you Mabel.” I would pick some random name, something different than any resident of that house. I would then call that house “Mabel’s house,” because Mabel has taken control of that house. If this is Kevin and Kristen’s house, it just became Mabel’s house.

Befriend the GhostGhost in the House angry with house cleaner

When I go to Mabel’s house, I’m going to expect to see the ghost, and I would just make a game out of it. I would start cleaning and say, “Hey, Mabel. Are you here? I’m not hearing you today. Come on, let’s have some scratching. Let’s hear some noise.” “Hey, Mabel, do you think that I did a good job on this hardwood floor?” “Hey, Mabel, I want you to come check this sink out. Make sure that I did a good enough job.” I would involve the ghost in my process.

Ghost in the House bantering with house cleaner

What happens if you’re a ghost, and you are trying to be scary, and you’re trying to spook someone out of the space? Are you going to rustle leaves, or move some paper around, or creak the floors? What is that? That’s like an old-fashioned haunting. That’s not fun, so I would bring the ghost into modern times and be like, “Hey, Mabel, get on in here. Let’s check this out.”

I would include the ghost. If that’s not the ghost’s style, and they don’t like that, they’re going to leave. But if they like it, and they like you, they might come hang out with you. You just turned that into Mabel’s house. Right? Now when you come back, you come back with, “Hey, I’m not afraid. You can’t spook me. You’re my friend now.”

Couple baffled there's a ghost in the houseWill the Owners Think I’m Crazy? 

So, I got this ghost friend, Mabel, that’s going to help me clean house today. She’s not effective, and she’s not spooky, but she can watch over my shoulder, and she can hang out. If I am caught on security cameras by the people that live there, they will think that I am crazy! I’ll just tell them, “Oh, no, no, no. I’m not crazy, I’m not talking to myself. I’m talking to Mabel, who’s a ghost that lives in your house.” 

 Chances are if Mabel is real, they’re going to say, “We didn’t know her name was Mabel. Yes, we’ve heard her scratching about and ruffling papers and creaking on the floors. Sometimes she even slams doors.” “Oh, yes. Her name is Mabel. She’s happy that I’m here, and she says I need a raise.”

Have Fun with It!

Ghost in the house arguing with the house cleaner

What do you do if there’s a ghost in the house? Make it work in your favor because guess what? You can’t make her go away, right? Unless you have a specific set of ghost-riddance skills, she is there to stay. Unless the ghost comes right out and tells you their name, you get to name the ghost. Give it a name, give it a gender, give it some personality quirks and characteristics, and have fun with it. Because as long as you’re cleaning that house, there will be a ghost in the house.

All right, so that’s my two cents for today. Until we meet again, leave the world a cleaner place than when you found it.

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