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When Should You Go Full Time?

[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]“When should I go full time in house cleaning? My coworkers say I should clean my space of the boss and office politics.”

“How do I know when to go full time? If I quit my full-time job I lose my benefits but I need a more flexible schedule.”

Can I Ask a House Cleaner how to grow my cleaning company from a part-time job to speed cleaning as a savvy cleaner?

Angela Brown says you’ll know when to go full time by the signs. There will be writing on the wall and it will be the next natural step. The maid service is yours when the time is right.

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Hey there, I’m Angela Brown, and this is Ask a House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house cleaning question, and I get to help you find an answer.

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Question: When Should You Go Full Time?

“When should I quit my job and go full-time in the house cleaning business?” I love that question and it comes from a person who has been moonlighting as a house cleaner on the side. And he wants to know when it’s time to make the transition to a full-time house cleaning business owner.  

Okay, this is an excellent question, and my answer is when it’s the next natural step. 

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Answer: Go Full Time When it’s the Next Natural Step

Go Full Time, Woman Thinking With Notebook and PenHere’s how that works. There are things in our lives that happen organically with or without us. We can force things to happen. But usually, the stress and extra effort are not worth the trouble. And then it seems some things happen that seem like destiny if we get out of our own way. 

Now for example, when you’re hungry, how do you know when it’s time for you to get something to eat? Well, there’s a series of things that happen. Your stomach starts to growl. Maybe it’s a certain time of the day and you know that it’s been four hours since you’ve last eaten food. Maybe your blood sugar levels start to dip. So, there are signs. 

The Next Natural Step is to Eat

Go Full Time, Woman Staring at Open RefrigeratorThere are internal and external signs that tell you what to do next. If you pay attention and eat the food, then your blood sugar levels return to the norm. Your stomach stops growling. Your headache goes away. And following the next natural step solves your problem. 

When you ignore the next natural step that’s when you make the problem worse. You get irritable, your thinking gets foggy and your judgment fades.

The same is true for quitting your job to go full time the house cleaning business. There will be signs. Just like your stomach starting to growl, there may be grumblings at your work. 

Maybe it’s your boss or coworkers. Maybe the hours don’t work out for your schedule anymore due to kids, elderly parents or new babies in your life. 

What is the natural next step showing you? Imagine what it would look like if you did start your own house cleaning business.

Go Full Time When the Time is Right

Go Full Time, Man and Woman at AuditionPeople have different reasons for starting and running a cleaning business. And one of the biggest reasons is the flexibility of scheduling. 

I know lots of actors who clean houses on the side because of the flexibility of scheduling. Cleaning houses allow them to take a week off to shoot a tv episode here or there. Or if they need to be on a movie set, they have the latitude to do that. And when the filming is over (which often sporadic) they come back to house cleaning. 

Others that work well with house cleaning are nurses, airport baggage handlers, waiters. They have their evening or weekend jobs that provide health benefits, and then they work the house cleaning in and around those jobs.

There are a lot of different service industries that are conducive to a house cleaning business on the side.

Go Full Time When it’s the Next Natural Step

Go Full Time, Woman Applying MakeupNow the interesting question is when do you go full-time? 

When you go full-time is when a whole bunch of things start to happen that fall into place and it’s the next natural step. 

For example, if you’ve ever fallen in love, you’re dating and you’re charmed by someone who has your eye. And you find yourself primping a little bit and trying to dress up fancy. Who knows, maybe you pick out a special handbag or a special set of shoes to wear. Maybe you color your hair or you get a new hairstyle. Or you do something to kind of upgrade your look a little bit. 

And then as the relationship blooms, the next natural step is to move in together or get married. 

Go Full Time When It’s Logical 

Go Full Time, Woman Stretching Arms as She Wakes UpAnd when it becomes natural, it’s exciting, it’s fun. It seems doable. It seems possible, and the joy of the possibility sparks you. It lights you on fire. It’s just a logical next step. It’s the same in the house cleaning business. When you wake up one day and it just seems to obvious. This is, of course, the next thing I’m supposed to do. It’s just the next natural step. That is when it’s time for you to go into the house cleaning business.

If you’re cleaning house kicking and screaming having a bad day, and everything is falling apart. It’s not the right time.  If it’s not working out and you just feel stumped and you’re confused, it’s not the right time. 

Go Full Time When the Investment is Right

Go Full Time, Smiling Woman Going Through Her BillsIf you choose a house cleaning business as an investment that too must be a logical next step before you go full time. Maybe you’re not the one doing the cleaning and you will be hiring others to do it. The information you need to survive and thrive in business needs to also be in alignment with your goals and expectations. Knowing how to hire people, motivate them to clean it needs to lead you to a natural conclusion. 

Go Full Time When You Meet the Right People and Ideas

Go Full Time, Women Having Business LunchAs you put one foot forward, the next step presents itself. Sure, you can start a house cleaning business without knowing all the details, but soon you will meet the right people. The ideas you need to run your business will show up in the most mysterious places. It might be a YouTube video or a blog. You might find answers sandwiched in a Sunday sermon. Maybe it comes from the lyrics of a song. 

Your mind starts searching for answers and when the right one shows up, if you are receptive, you will recognize it. 

You’ll wake up in the middle of the night with an answer. “Oh, that’s where we get the money to buy the franchise. “And it seems doable. 

Don’t Go Full Time if You’re Full of Doubt

Go Full Time, Depressed Man Sitting On Edge of BedIf you’re tossing and turning when you sleep, and you are full of anxiety, your timing is off. If you find yourself procrastinating things like accounting and paperwork to run your business, you need to hire somebody to do it for you. 

If you’ve already started your business there are things you don’t get to skip like taxes, accounting, and payroll.

But if you wake up and it’s easy and almost effortless, then you know it’s time. 

Go Full Time After a Test Run

Go Full Time, Man VacuumingMany house cleaners start out cleaning as a side hustle. They give it a go as they are learning the ropes. Then they build their client base from referrals and their free time becomes business time. As the business grows the next natural step is to go full time. But it’s not cold turkey. Quit your full-time job and start a new company. 

It’s working both jobs and learning. Building confidence and clientele. And then one day you wake up and go “Of course, it’s time for me to go full time in my house cleaning business.” 

And then you have to weigh the pros and cons of your current job and benefits before you quit that job and go full time in this one.

But pay attention, just like with the eating. Pay attention to the natural next step. What are the signs around you telling you? Does it seem like an easy and effortless move? And if it does, it’s the right time to make the switch and go full time.

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