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Guest Room Clean-Up Hack for Homes or Airbnb

Guest room clean-up. How soon should I clean my space after family leaves? Airbnb guest room clean-up is different from a home with an extra bedroom. You can put off guest room clean-up if you’re family. Guest room-clean up if you’re a family that pops in unannounced needs speed cleaning after the last guest. 

Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru shares a hack and some tips to create a cleaning routine when guests leave. And you can always hire a maid service to do the work for you. 

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Hey there, I’m Angela Brown, and this is Ask a House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house cleaning question, and I get to help you find an answer.

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Question: Guest Room Clean-Up Hack for Homes or Airbnb

Guest Room Clean-Up woman standing in hotel roomGuest room cleanup. How soon after a guest leaves do you need to do guest room cleanup? We’re going to talk about that today.

Today’s show comes from a homeowner who has family that’s leaving. She wants to know “how soon after her relative leaves should she clean the guest room? 

All right, that’s an excellent question, and my answer to that question is, whenever it’s convenient to you.

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Do Guest Room Clean-Up on Your Schedule

Guest Room Clean-Up guest bedroomNow, when I have guests that come in from out of town, it usually takes me off my regular routine. And so, if there are 30 things that I do in the course of a day, I might only get 10 of those things done when I know company’s coming. So now I’m 20 things behind. 

When my relatives leave I’m in scramble mode to catch up on business stuff that I tossed to the wayside.

And I may be playing catch-up for a couple of days. 

If you have an extra guest room that is not in daily use, you may want to put off cleaning it for a few days as well.

Close the door and just leave it. Leave it for a couple of days until you catch your balance and you’re back on track. 

Guest Room Clean-Up Is Not a Priority Until You Have New Guests

Guest Room Clean-Up woman making guest bed at homeOnce you’ve caught your balance and you’re back on track, then you can go inside that room, you can open the curtains, you can let the room air out. 

You can yank all the linens off the bed, you can grab the towels from the bathroom. You can do a guest room deep clean and completely reset that room.

Doing guest room clean-up is also a good time to return any guest items left behind. I’ve found shoes, toothbrushes, hairbrushes, underwear and money left from house guests. 

When I clean the room, I pack up their treasures and return them with a note saying we enjoyed their visit. 

Guest Room Clean-Up Is A Great Time to Restock Supplies

During guest room clean-up you can take inventory. What do you offer your guests? A free toothbrush? Razor? Q-tips? Cotton-balls in the bathroom? Tampons? 

Whatever you have available for your guest to use – this is a good time to replenish your supply before the next family members arrive.

Ask Your Guests for An Estimated Arrival Time

Guest Room Clean-Up young woman taking bedsheets and towels out of the dryerEvery family has their own rules. Some families just pop in on each other unannounced. And having a guest room ready can be difficult if you are one of those families. 

I ask for a heads up so I can plan for meals, guest room clean-up and the chance to adjust my schedule so I’m available when they are in town.

But if your family just shows up unannounced, leaving a messy guest room from the last house guest may not be an option. 

Guest Room Clean-Up Rules Change for Airbnb’s

Guest Room Clean-Up stressed young woman sitting in airport, strandedNow if you run an Airbnb, you have a completely different set of rules. 

Lots of people do travel and have last minute unexpected travel plans. 

Just this last week in Charlotte, North Carolina the airlines had a glitch in their computer system. They canceled 675+ flights leaving passengers in Charlotte stranded.

The passengers scrambled to rent cars, find hotel rooms and Airbnb’s that would accommodate the disaster.

If you are an Airbnb – you don’t have the luxury of waiting for a booking to turn the room. 

I was traveling this last week myself and twice (due to the airline glitches) made room reservations within two hours of arriving. 

Guest Room Clean-Up for Airbnb’s May Need a Housekeeper

Guest Room man holding airbnb logo in front of houseIf there is a chance you could have a surprise guest – turn the room immediately after the last guest. 

And if you have an Airbnb and you are not able to meet that demand you might consider hiring a regular housekeeper if you can afford their cleaning fee. They can turn the room(s) for you daily and if you don’t have a guest one day, they can clean the rest of your house. You may also have them on retainer so they could do laundry or other chores you don’t have time for. But the steady employment will ensure that when you do have a guest, your room is ready.

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