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I Hate My Job – Should I Follow My Passion?

I hate my job. Every house cleaner at some point during their career has felt these emotions. they are triggered by a difficult customer or depression or just stinking thinking. Ask a house cleaner if you should quit your job and go follow your passion? The House Cleaning Guru, Angela Brown, shares tips and strategies to renew your job commitment. Find the key to happiness when you hate work you’re doing. Change your mindset and find empowerment through your reasons why.

This is your job and your life. Live it on purpose. 

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 Hi there, I’m Angela Brown, and this is Ask a House Cleaner. This is the show where you get to ask a house cleaning question, I get to help you find an answer. Yay!

Ask a House Cleaner DIY Question Spacer Savvy CleanerToday’s Question: I Hate My Job – Should I Follow My Passion?I hate my job

Today’s question comes from a guy who has been doing a lot of self-help reading and he’s come across the concept that he must follow his passion.
And that he must a job that he loves.
But right now, he’s house cleaning and he doesn’t love it. So, should he move on? And find something that he loves, or should he stick around and do something he doesn’t like every day?

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Follow Your PassionAnswer: If I Hate My Job – Should I Quit?

That’s a great question.
And it’s a question that I’ve asked myself many times over a twenty-five-year career.
And if you’re in the business long enough, you will ask yourself the same question. Because there are days as house cleaners and maids and housekeepers that we wake up in the morning and we’re like “I have to go to work again today? Oh, my goodness, why did I choose this profession?”

House Cleaning Is Physically Demanding Messy Kitchen, hate my job

It’s physically demanding, it’s mentally draining, and you have to be on. 

When you are at a customer’s house, you’ve got to have your attitude on.
You’ve got to act like you love your job.
Because if you hate your job, and you show up to clean someone’s house, they’re going to know that you hate your job.
And guess what? It’s easy to fire you then and go find somebody who loves to clean.
So even if you don’t love to clean, and that is your job, if you decide to stay on as a house cleaner you need to be an actor.
When you show up to that customer’s house, you need to love to clean. That’s your job.

Messy Bedroom, hate my jobHouse Cleaning is a Grungy Job

Now, a lot of people don’t love to clean. I know lots and lots and lots of maids, and people that own and run maid services and they do not love their jobs.
It’s a grimy business for the most part. You’re in cleaning people’s toilets, you’re cleaning up after their pets that pooped on the floor. There are all kinds of rotten food in the refrigerators and stuff that we have to clean. Smelly stuff that’s “argh.”
That’s our job. Right? That’s what we do. We do it because those people don’t want to do it, and they will pay us to do it.
So, when we show up, we have to act like we love our jobs.

There Are A Lot of People Who Think “I Hate My Job”

family eating breakfast, love my reasons whySo, what I have to ask you then is, do you follow your passion and go find something you love? Or can you train yourself to love the reasons why? That’s the magic in all of this.
Why are you doing this?
Nobody’s holding you, hostage, here making you clean houses. For some reason, you choose this as a profession. Why?
Why did you choose this?

When you wake up in the morning, is it because you have kids at home that you’re trying to put food on the table? Do you have extra bills that you’re trying to pay?
Is it that you are secretly planning a divorce and you need your own money so that you can escape?
What are your reasons why?
Because if life is really miserable for you, there’s got to be a reason why you’re doing this every day.
There’s got to be. What is it?

Financial Freedom the Key to Happiness

fancy house, love the reasons whyA lot of house cleaners that I know, stay in the house cleaning business because it provides them financial freedom.
There’s a myth in the industry that all house cleaners are broke.
Guess what? They’re not.
I’ve been in million dollar neighborhoods where all the homes are fancy and exotic. And I would say about 30% of them are house cleaners. Or they are landscapers or they are do-it-yourself mom and pop businesses. fancy houses, love the reasons why
They make a lot of money and they are very successful at what they do because they do what other people don’t want to do.
And it provides them these lavish lifestyles and here’s the catch. Most of the homes that they service are not as nice as the homes they live in.

So, when you show up to the customer’s house, it’s an act.
You’re showing up going “yeah, I love my job. And I’m happy to help you.”
Because you want to make sure that you connect with the customer on that level.

House Cleaning is a Scalable Business

Now, if you don’t love your job, and you don’t have very good reasons why house cleaning is a scalable business.
So, you can back off. You can say “Instead of having thirty customers, I’m only going to have ten.”
And on the other free time, the other days of the week when you’re not working, you can pursue another career.
It might be that you love music. Or that you love writing, and you want to become an online blogger. Maybe you would like to become an artist and you would like to paint paintings.
Or maybe, you would like to spend time with your children.
Whatever the reasons are, it’s a scalable business. If you need more time to pursue other interests then cut back.
Like I say, nobody is holding you, hostage, here. No one says you have to do twenty accounts in a week.

job search, hate my jobNo One is Judging You or Questioning Your Commitment

If you only want to have one or two clients or customers the side, that’s perfectly fine. No one is judging you.
The customer that you do have, they don’t know that they’re your only customer.
So, that’s fine. Scale back.
Give yourself permission to find a new career.
If this is the end for you if you’re just burned out. If you’ve done this for so many years, give yourself permission to move on.

There is No Retirement in House Cleaning

In house cleaning, this is unlike working for the police department for thirty years. They don’t say “okay, you’ve got five years until retirement.”
No one retires you, you retire yourself.
If it’s time for you to get out of the house cleaning business, then guess what? Give yourself permission to get out of the house cleaning business.
The time will come when you’re like “You know what? I’m done. I’ve done this. Been there, done that. I’m finished.”
And then leave. Go pursue another hobby.
There’s nothing to say you can’t do that.

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Review Your Reasons Why

So, if you’re having a bad day and it’s passing, okay, that’s fine. We all have those days.

Just review regularly your reasons why you’re doing it.
On your way to the job in the morning, your first thought might be “Ugh, I hate my job.” Okay, guess what?
You’re going to be playing that same tape over and over and over and over in your head all day while you’re cleaning. That’s what happens when you house clean. You have a chance to play tapes over and over in your head.
That’s what Zig Ziglar calls it stinking thinking.
That’s just negative thinking that you’re re-playing over and over and over in your head.

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Don’t Make Yourself Sick

It’s like when you tell yourself “Man, I’m not feeling good today. I’m kind of sick.”
And then suddenly you start to feel worse. Guess why? You convinced yourself you were sick.
So, if you convinced yourself that you “I hate my job” guess what? You’re going to hate your job.
Just as easily you could convince yourself that you love your job.
I promise you this, (don’t quote me on this) but I promise you in twenty-five years there are times I didn’t like my job.
And I loved the reasons why I chose it as a profession.
And so, I would say “But, here’s why chose that...”
I can love those reasons why.

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Live for the Passion in Your Purpose

And that’s the passion, that’s the excitement that you’re bringing to your job when you meet a customer face to face and you’re picking up a new account.
Or you’re dealing with a problem client or you’re trying to work with a high maintenance client, or whatever. Don’t hate the customer. Don’t hate the job, love your reasons why. And I promise you this, it becomes a passion for you.
And that is in fact, following your passion. Not the job, but your reasons why.

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Alright, that’s it for today. Now, if you’ve ever thought “I hate my job” what did you do? Share with us in the comments section below. And if you liked this tip and you would like to see more of these give us a thumbs up. That just lets us know we’re doing okay. If you don’t like this and it was a waste of your time, give us thumbs down. We need to know that too.
I would rather you be honest with me than for me to make you a video that is not useful.
So let me know either way because I love making these videos for you.
So until we meet again, leave the world a cleaner place than when you found it. 

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