Have You Ever Been Fired and Why?

Have you ever been fired from house cleaning? It’s one of many popular interview questions that can cause instant dread for a house cleaner.

How do you explain being fired in an interview without shooting yourself in the foot?

Sit tight and we’ll show how to impress a potential customer the next time you answer this trick question.

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Hey there, I’m Angela Brown, and this is Ask a House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house cleaning question, and I get to help you find an answer. You can find this and 400 other answered questions in this series on our YouTube channel.

Have You Ever Been Fired From House Cleaning?

Have You Ever Been Fired and Why, Woman with Arms Out, Have You Ever Been FiredHave you ever been fired from house cleaning and why?  It’s a question that homeowners like to ask house cleaners, and it is a trick question. So be aware that it is a trick question so that you don’t answer it incorrectly. The answer is, “Yes, I have, and here are the reasons why.” And you need to say it with confidence.

Now the trick is, oftentimes people will get in the habit of trying to defend themselves. “Well, I don’t know why they fired me.”  What the customer is looking for is your attitude. How do you feel about the previous customer that gave you money in exchange for your business? Are you talking smack about that customer? Meaning, are you confidential, or are you sharing nasty stories about that person was too picky? Or that person was too high maintenance, and you could never please that person or whatever.

Those are the things that they’re looking for and it is a trap. And you should be able to answer the question honestly, and with finesse. 

You Will Be Fired in House Cleaning

Have You Ever Been Fired and Why, House Cleaner Looking SeriousHave you ever been fired and why? Now, if you’ve never been fired, please make a note that you will. It’s part of the business.You will be fired in house cleaning.  It’s just a matter of time. When you do get fired, always make a note.

Make a note of why you got fired, and if you can contact the customer, find out from them why you got fired, if they don’t just come right out and tell you. Because you can’t fix something that you don’t know.  So, that’s why it’s important to make a note of the reason you go fired.

Learn From the Experience of Getting Fired

Have You Ever Been Fired and Why, Lessons LearnedNow, what did you learn from the experience? So, when the customer says, “Did you get fired and why?” You say, “Yes, I have, I’ve been fired numerous times.”

The reasons house cleaners typically get fired are because people move or they quit their jobs, or they’re fired from their jobs. Sometimes there’s a life change event like a parent moves in, or a child moves away and everything is upset for a while and then they put a pause on their house cleaning, or cancel it altogether.

So, it’s no one’s fault. You’re not going to pass blame. You’re not going to be judging your customers. And you’re not gossiping. You’re giving a very matter of fact statement.

Let Them Know Any Goofs You Made

Have You Ever Been Fired and Why, House Cleaner Cleaning CounterIf, for example, you did something horrendous and you screwed up bad, you can also share that. “You’re not going to believe what I did when I was starting my business, and this is 31 years ago. I made this goof, and I did this, that, and the other, and you’re not going to believe what a lesson I learned from that mistake.

I decided from then on I would always…” and then you go into the explanation of how you screwed up that account and how you would never do it again.  Then you will mention the measures that you took so that you would never find yourself in that situation again.

Now it’s kind of like a tell on me. You shared a little intimate story that happened way long ago and what you learned as a result of it. So now you’re not telling on any particular client, but you’re sharing a lesson learned. So, when a customer asks you, “Have you ever been fired and why?”  Say yes, you have, if you have, be honest about the reasons why without knocking the person that fired you. You don’t want to talk smack about that person at all, ever under any circumstance.

Ask the Circumstances They Would Fire You?

Have You Ever Been Fired and Why, DenThe next thing to focus on, is under what circumstances would I get fired from you? And so, I would say, “Hey, I’m so glad you brought this topic up. While I’m here and I’m bidding this job to you, I’m curious, if I were to get fired from you, what would be a circumstance that would trigger that?”

And they might say, “If you went inside my den and I caught you there after I told you to stay out of my den, you would be fired.”

Oh, that is so great. Thank you so much for letting me know. I will not go inside the den.” But you can find out right now, what would be their triggering hot points because everybody has one.

Knowing Their Hot Points Will Help You Not Get Fired

Have You Ever Been Fired and Why, Man Writing and ThinkingBecause you now know what their hot points are, but then bring it back to the full circle and say, “Hey, under what circumstances would I get fired from you?” Then I would wrap it up with a happy, fancy little package.

You could say, “But to ease your concerns, we do offer a hundred percent money-back guarantee. So, if for any reason under any circumstance, if you’re not satisfied with the work and the quality of work that we do, please give me a phone call before you go to social media because I want the chance personally to make it right. Would that be fair?”

And they go, “Yeah, that’s fair.”” Okay, great. We have an agreement here. I’m going to make you a hundred percent satisfied with every cleaning. I can do this and I’m super excited, I want to do this.”

Talking Smack is a Trap 

Have You Ever Been Fired and Why, Two Women Talking on CouchSo now, you’ve answered their question, you were honest about your results, you were kind about the results, and you didn’t talk smack about the person that fired you because it’s a trap. You’ve brought it full circle and you asked them what circumstances working with them would get you fired.

Now you know where the hot buttons are. Then you reassure them with a bright, fancy package of the hundred percent satisfaction guarantee and you asked this request, “Would you please give me the courtesy of a phone call, not a text, but a phone call, before you go to social media, so I personally can make it right?”

Because here’s what you’re saying. “Don’t text me, don’t complain and tell me if something’s wrong. Because often I don’t understand if you’re complaining, if you’re having me make a mental note, or if you want me to get back in my car and race over there and refix whatever it is. You’ve got to call me on the phone so I can make it right.” And then now you both understand what the parameters of the satisfaction guarantee are.

So, when a customer asks you, “Have you ever been fired and why?” You now have the answers to, to answer that question and do it in a diplomatic way that is going to promote you, not tell on you.000 Savvy Cleaner Spacer Bar 2020Resources

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