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House Cleaner Training At Your Fingertips – It’s So Easy!

Want to start a cleaning service?

Want to be in complete control of your earnings?

Want to wake up every day with the prestige of being your own boss?

Want the power to grow at your own pace?

Don’t know where to start?

Ask a House Cleaner – Free house cleaner training

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“Ladies and gents I want to give a BIG SHOUT OUT TO Angela Brown, not only do she gives us great advice and a free book to help our business along with worksheets but her referral is GOLD!!! She gave me 2 brothers, I did one of their home today and because she referred me he didn’t want to see any of my paperwork, he said he knew I was good because of her, WOW that says a lot. I already give 100% when I clean because I want my work to be superior but your know I really had to make sure I was on point, lol but serious, again Angela Brown thanks soooooooooo much!” – Rhenate Heyward

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Angela, I’m loving all your material! I’m helping my mom start her cleaning business. She’s a professional cleaner with over 20 years experience, but unfortunately a lack of business skills and full commend of the English language. I’m helping her training with your material. Thank you so much for the effort you have put into your publications. I’m sure you have changed thousands of lives, and soon you’ll help change one more, my mom’s.

xoxo – Cintia Leone

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About Angela Brown – The House Cleaning Guru

It all began in 1991 when Angela Brown was waiting tables at a restaurant in Charlotte, North Carolina. A coworker begged her to come clean houses during the day – guaranteed money.

Got Questions written on whiteboard, Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru“Why are we sweeping crap under the rug instead of moving the rug and sweeping under it?” She got fired her first day on the job for asking too many questions like this.

She got paid $150 for her work that day. Better than random tips from waiting tables. The next day she started her own cleaning service.

How to start a cleaning service was trial and error back then. The internet was new and Pinterest didn’t exist. There were no blogs about cleaning, or maid service training. At first she kept her restaurant job in the evenings and cleaned houses during the day. Then word got out that she had a strong work ethic and great cleaning skills.

Business boomed, and house cleaning became a full time job. Within a couple of months Angela had too much business, and had to hire a couple of people to work with her. She scaled back while she took some classes on leadership and management. She rebounded with a team of house cleaners. Soon she was on her way to becoming one of the largest and most successful cleaning companies around.

As the years passed, Angela became the “go to” person for people wanting to start a cleaning service. Her house cleaning training was hands on, thorough, and easy to apply.

Twenty-five years later and revered as “The House Cleaning Guru” Angela Brown founded The Savvy Cleaner Network. A place people go for house cleaner training, certification and support.

Start Right Here

Want to start a cleaning service? But don’t know where to start? Start right here. Ask a house cleaner is a series of blogs with built in house cleaner training. Learn how to start a cleaning business. Read tips on how to set up a home office and what office supplies you will need. Learn everything you need to know about running flyers and the magic of worksheets. Learn how to build credentials when you’re just starting out. And get your questions about bonding and insurance answered. How do you get referrals for your cleaning business? Find out here – lots of free information to get you started. Got more questions: Ask a house cleaner.

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