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How do I set up a home office for my house cleaning business?

The best thing about starting your home based house cleaning business is that you can be up and running in a few minutes with the right equipment – some or all of it you may already have.

So you don’t need a fancy office, and you certainly don’t need to rent space for an office or to store your supplies. You can work right out of a nook in your home with a computer (laptop or desktop), internet connection and a printer.

What type of calendar should I use for my house cleaning business?

You will need a calendar app on your smart phone, so you have it with you at all times for scheduling.

AskaHouseCleaner.com_Google_Calendar_LogoAskaHouseCleaner.com_Calendar_Mob_Logo(CalendarMob or Google Calendar will do the trick). It will happen a lot that you will be with a client and they will decide to reschedule, or book an additional cleaning — and you will want to grab your phone, check your schedule, and then book your next appointment right then and there with the client present.

Avoid the “let me check my schedule and I’ll get back to you” routine because you don’t want to get home and then have more follow up work to do. And if you are like me, you will get home and be distracted by other pressing matters and forget to get back to your client, and that is not professional.

Train yourself to schedule and confirm appointments as you go – then boom, you’re done. You can have a big calendar on your wall or a whiteboard or whatever else you like, but the one on your smart phone will be the one you use the most and you will always have it with you.

How will I be using the Internet for my house cleaning business?


Your internet connection will allow you to do all of your online learning for your house cleaning company and also attend troubleshooting and marketing webinars, like the ones provided at for independent house cleaners. If you are flying solo and you love learning everything the hard way, you can at least make your learning enjoyable by scouring Pinterest boards for ways to clean, tips, tricks and time saving hacks.

What will I be printing in my house cleaning business?

You will need a printer so you can print up your flyers and your worksheets, both of which are your two biggest marketing tools. We don’t cover Worksheets in this article, but there is a whole chapter on the importance and ease of using Worksheets in the free ebook: (click to download) How To Start Your Own House Cleaning Company Go from startup to payday in one week by Angela Brown. You will however need a printer and you will use it daily.

Other than that, we’re going to keep it really simple and just include a shelf in your laundry room or bathroom for all of your cleaning supplies.SavvyCleaner.com_Cleaning_Supplies_Shelf

It’s great if you can put it next to a sink where you will mix supplies and solutions and refill empty bottles. This shelf was found at Home Depot for $49. It’s made of galvanized steel so it won’t rust which makes it a good choice for your cleaning supplies. It’s assembles easily in a few minutes with included instructions. It is durable, so it holds a month of supplies. (This is based on 1 cleaner cleaning 20-30 houses a month) And it’s small. 12 x 24 inches deep and wide and five feet tall. Fits in a very small space.

We will go in to greater details later on what supplies and solutions to carry. For now, all you need to focus on getting is a shelf to keep all your supplies organized.

It’s really important to have the home office and cleaning shelf part of your business organized – it is the foundation of your house cleaning business and the hub where every day of your house cleaning business begins and ends.




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