How Should People Contact You Angela Brown Ask a House Cleaner

How Should People Contact You for House Cleaning?

How should people contact you to hire you for house cleaning? Email? Phone? IM? FB? Pigeon?

Here are the top ways that customers reach out to hire house cleaners. Make sure you are in these places and ready for the calls or texts when they come in.

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Hey there, I’m Angela Brown, and this is Ask a House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house cleaning question, and I get to help you find an answer. You can find this and 400 other answered questions in this series on our YouTube channel.

How Should People Contact You to Hire You?

How Should People Contact You, Pensive Woman on ComputerHow should people contact you to hire you for cleaning services? Today, somebody asked me the question, what is the best way for somebody to contact me to hire me for cleaning services? They were wondering on the flyers that they make, should they include their email or should they include their phone number?

Should they have their personal address or a PO box? What is the best way for people to get in touch with you to hire you for cleaning services?

Everyone Has a Different Method They Like

How Should People Contact You, Happy Couple on TabletAll right. Well, the answer is, all of those ways. I say that because everybody has a different method of preference. When I first started my house cleaning business, I thought that if I just had a phone number, that people would call the phone number and they would contact me, but that’s not necessarily the case.

As I was outside my house, if I was working in my yard, people would drive by, they would see the car, and they would say, “Oh, you’re a house cleaner,” And they would stop and ask questions. That did not go through my normal channel of communication, which was my phone.

Then when I set up my email address, I expected that people would respond to me via email, but no, they called on the telephone. So, whoa, I have two avenues of information coming in.

People Will Contact You a Lot of Ways

How Should People Contact You, Man Putting Cards in EnvelopeWhen I pivoted my business and I started training house cleaning companies online, I thought they were going to go through my Contact Us form.

Well, lo and behold, they started contacting me through instant message, and they started contacting me through Facebook and my Facebook business page, and through YouTube, and through podcasts. Whoa, whoa, whoa. We got a whole bunch of different people contacting us from different avenues.

People Will Contact You However They Want

How Should People Contact You, Man Talking on PhoneThe reality is people will contact you however they want to contact you, and so there’s not the best method. Should you get a phone service starting out? No, I don’t recommend a phone service starting out because they’re kind of expensive, even if you hire a virtual assistant.

For the most part, my experience has been the last four to five years, people do not use the telephone like they used to. Pick up the phone. “Hi, how are you doing?” Then make a voice call. They don’t do that so much anymore. There’s lots of texting. Hey, I don’t want to actually talk to you. I just want to text you a message.

Texting is More Popular Now Than Phone Calls

How Should People Contact You, Woman Looking at PhoneWell, the texting, you can manage between breaks. It’s not like you’ve got gobs of phone calls that are going to your phone that are building up in a holding bin. Most of the phone calls you’ll get today are telemarketing calls that you don’t want anyway.

There will be a few people that call and you can manage those few phone calls. I recommend that you return your phone calls two or three times a day, that you return your emails two or three times a day, that you jump in on Facebook and return your instant messages two or three times a day.

Do it so that you are able to manage them and they don’t get overwhelming and you don’t have a heap of them that are piling up.

Give Your Clients an Option of How to Contact You

How Should People Contact You, Contact WaysFor the most part, there is going to contact that comes from all different avenues. The good news is, if you’re starting a business right now, instead of trying to channel everything to one particular avenue like only call me, give them an option because there are people that like to do emails or they’ll ask their assistant, “Hey, can you contact this person? Find out what their quotes are, their rates, or whatever,” and that person will just shoot you an email.

Include your phone number, including your email, include your Facebook so that they can find you on Facebook and look at your social proof, where they can find your Facebook business page.

If there’s a Contact Us on the Facebook business page, some people have those little chatbots, you can have a chatbot set up, or they can contact you via instant message.

People Will Contact You How They Feel Comfortable

How Should People Contact You, Woman on Phone While CleaningThere are ways that people are going to contact you because they’re most comfortable. Make all the different avenues available to them and then check them a couple of times a day. That way, it’s not going to be surprising to anyone when you get back to them.

It will be surprising if you’re only waiting for a phone call and they send a text or they send an instant message and they never hear from you.

Do You Use a PO Box or Your Home Address?

How Should People Contact You, Woman With BoxAll right, so the next question, do you use your home address or your PO box? I suggest as you start a business that you get a PO box, especially if you’re in the house cleaning business because it’s going to create consistency with all of your vendors, with your suppliers, with your bank, with your credit cards.

Any of the stuff that you use for your business will have a solid address. Then if you move around, it is possible that you will keep the same PO box. I know that for the first probably 10 years of my business, I was moving around the city. I was moving around because I would lease a place for about six months. Then when I was done with the leasing of the place, I would move slightly to a different area. I could move anywhere I wanted or I could stay, but I often chose to move for a new experience and also for a new area of town to test out my business and find out if it was a better area for me to work.

You Can Keep a PO Box for a Long Time

How Should People Contact You, Unlocking Post Office BoxBut I kept the same PO box for almost 24 years. Then I moved across town and wasn’t going that way anymore, and so I got a different post office box and I’ve had it for about maybe 20 years. I’ve kept the consistency and then people can still find you, even if you move around.

The PO box is a little bit helpful because if you have business information or if you have flyers or whatever, you can put your PO box on there for people to contact you.

It’s also a great way if people want to send you holiday cards with tips on them. If you have a PO box, then they can do that when they do their Christmas cards. I do include a PO box as well in our marketing materials.

PO Boxes are Great to Put on Your Website

How Should People Contact You, Man on ComputerIt’s also great for your website. That gives people the zip code that you live in. It tells them about what area that you market to. It lets people know if you’re in Texas, or if you’re in Indiana, or if you’re in North Carolina. You want people to know what area you serve.

If you have no address whatsoever, somebody that visits your website, who might be a perfect candidate for you, may not hire you because they don’t know if you service the area that you do, that you live in. I would include at least a PO box on your website.

You Can Also Use Your Home Address

How Should People Contact You, HouseNow, as far as your home address, I have worked from my home for years. My neighbors will drive by, but those are also my customers. It’s been a great selling tool for me to say, “Oh yes, well, I’m your neighbor. I just live right down the street on the corner.” People would say, “Oh yeah, I drive by your house all the time.”

As they drive by, every time they drive by, they look at the house and they see you and they know that you live there. They’re thinking, even if there’s no sales pitch, even if you’re not marketing to them at the moment, even if you’re not out in the yard and they don’t see you, as they drive by, they’re going to go, “Oh yes, that’s Angela’s house. She’s the house cleaner.”

In the back of their mind, they resold themselves on your service. When they are ready to hire you, they know where you live, they know who you are, and you’re their neighbor. It works out nicely.

When Customers Know Your Address It’s Easier to Sell

How Should People Contact You, Neighbors TalkingWhen you are talking to customers or if you are running flyers in your own neighborhood or the neighborhoods next to you, I would certainly say, “Hey, I’m your neighbor. I live in the area and I clean homes here in the area. I would love to work with you as well.

It creates just kind of a familial, “we’re friends, we’re neighbors, you’re not going to rip me off, you just live right there.” Do you know what I mean?

That would be my recommendation for ways for people to get in touch with you.

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