How to Explode Your Cleaning Business 2021

Explode Your Cleaning Business in 2021 Angela Brown Ask a House Cleaner
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It is not too late to explode your cleaning business in 2021 if you start now. If you wonder how to build a powerful brand it's not by raising your prices on services everyone else offers for less.

It is not too late to explode your cleaning business in 2021 if you start now. If you wonder how to build a powerful brand it’s not by raising your prices on services everyone else offers for less. House cleaning is housework any way you look at it. But you don’t have to sell it all at once or package everything together in one offer. Upselling is a strategy used by those who run a cleaning empire and the secret to those who are rich. 

How do You Explode Your Cleaning Business in 2021?

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How do you explode your cleaning business in 2021? Now there’s somebody that called into the show and they asked this question.

So my parents own a house cleaning business. They’ve been working there since 1991, but have owned this since 2006. Things have been going pretty well for them, although I think they can go a lot better if they knew how to price things right. So, that’s the situation we have right now. I feel like they’re not charging as much as they should be, and in return, aren’t able to pay their workers a better wage.

My question is how would they go about raising their prices, not losing clients. And also, possibly expand the business from one crew to maybe two crews because right now they have a crew of a total of five people? So I feel like if they had two crews, they’d be able to cover more ground, make more money, and pay their workers a better wage.”

Business Today is Different Than 30 Years Ago

All right. One of the things that I heard you say was that your parents have had this business since 1991. Yay to your parents, three decades is a very long time. Having said that, the way that we did business three decades ago is not the way we do business today.

You cannot do the same things you were doing then, hoping for new results. If we want dynamically different results, we’ve got to do dynamically different things.

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You Can Explode Your Business With Upsells and Special Projects

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Now we have a training program at Savvy Cleaner, which is called upsells and special projects. What it basically is is this.

We go into a person’s house and we offer them a whole new set of services. Now, the reason I say this is, imagine if you were to go to the dentist and you do your regular teeth cleaning. They’re going to charge you a certain price for that.

That’s like the regular house cleaning that your parents have been doing for three decades, charging a particular price for that.

You Can't Offer the Same Service for a Different Price

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You can’t go in and offer the same service and hope to charge more money, right? There’s going to be a very gradual increase over the years to accommodate for inflation, but you can’t charge new money for the same service, right? That’s not going to fly. You have to offer a whole new set of services.

Now, imagine if you were to go to the dentist and they said, “Hey, wait a second. You have a cavity. We’re going to fill your cavity, but it’s going to cost more.” That’s a new service they’re adding onto your existing teeth cleaning.

Or let’s say that you need a crown on your tooth, or you need to have a cap on your tooth, or teeth whitening. Those are all new services that the dentist can offer you and charge you more money. It’s the same dentist, you already like him, you already trust him. So, it’s a no-brainer, right? You’re going to stay with the same dentist that you know, like, and trust and have been going to for years.

Sell New Services to Your Existing Customers

So you’re going to sell new services to the exact same customers. All right? It’s a great program because there are a lot of people that have been hiring your parents or your family or your family’s team. What happens is they have new services because they’re all older as well. They have new services that they need. But, they don’t know who to call.

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What Services Can You Add On to Explode Your Business?

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For example, let’s say recess lighting goes out. What if along with your deep cleaning services, your house cleaner could replace the bulbs and the recessed lighting in your house? It’s an add-on product. Let’s suppose that they were to replace the air filters in your house so you don’t have to call an HVAC person to come to do it.

They’re little services that we package together as house cleaners. Because we’re already in your home and we already have a schedule of things that we do inside your home.

We’ve made a lot of videos about this on this YouTube channel. And we have a lot of customers that are contacting us saying, “We want somebody to come to do that package for us, where do we find that person?”

Learn More About How to Make Your Business Explode

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I encourage you to take part in this particular program and learn about the services that customers are demanding and requesting. You can offer all kinds of services. And then you can expand the business. You can hire a new team of people that only come in with the tall pack and they do the ceiling fans.

They do the upper story levels of the fancy windows with the ledges and they get cobwebs and stuff in those. And they do the upper crown molding and they replace the light bulbs and the air filters and all that stuff.

There’s a particular team that comes in and does that. There may be a team that only comes in and they do the large appliances. So they’re cleaning out the dishwasher and the refrigerator, they’re defrosting the freezer, and cleaning out the oven. That’s not your regular maintenance team. That’s a special team that comes in a couple of times a year.

Upselling Projects Help Your Business Explode

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There are a whole bunch of products that you can sell that are upsell services. It’s like the dentist sold you the cavity package and the crowns and the caps and all that stuff, right? It’s an extra special package that then boosts the bottom line of the money that you’re making.

And like you said, you want to expand the business. So, you can have a team of people that specialize in these different, special projects that you then go out.

Even if you don’t have the regular maintenance cleaning that goes along with that, you could only sell the special packages and make a fortune.

Take Advantage of Special Packages for Your Business

So you want to explode your business in 2021. You will take advantage of the special packages that people need inside their home. For example, the holidays are coming up and it would be lovely to go out to lunch with a friend and you come home and your Christmas tree is set up and decorated.

Then a few weeks later, you go out to lunch with your friend and you come home and it’s all put away. You don’t have to do any of it, right?

Explode Your Cleaning Business, Holiday Decorations

People Will Pay Big Money for Special Packages

Explode Your Cleaning Business, Happy Couple on Computer

There are people that are willing to pay big money for that service because they don’t have the time and the energy to do it themselves. Especially as they get older they don’t have the physical energy to set up all the decorations.

So, you can come in and say, “Hey, our company offers that.” And they say, “Wow, how much?” And they write you a check or they give you their credit card, right? I want you to explode your business, but you’re going to do it by offering extra services, not the same everyday old services at a new price.

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