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Imagine Yourself As a House Cleaner or Maid (Tricks for Success)

Imagine your way to house cleaning success. You can put in years of hard work, sweat, labor and emotions into growing your cleaning business. But if you don’t follow the basic rules of positive psychology, you will come up short when it’s time to live your dreams.

Creative visualization is a daily exercise. The purpose is to train your unconscious mind to recognize and accept the success you attract. If can’t imagine yourself successful, when your success arrives, you will sabotage it and never know why.

Don’t limit yourself. Adapt the millionaire mindset. Practice the law of attraction and make sure your mind is ready to receive your new found wealth.

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Hi there, I’m Angela Brown, and this is Ask a House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house cleaning question, and I get to help you find an answer.

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Today’s Question: I Can’t Imagine Myself as a House Cleaner or Maid

Now, today’s question comes from Jeffrey. And Jeffrey wants to know “I’m getting started in a house cleaning business. What am I supposed to do for the very first thing as I get started?”

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Answer: You Have to Imagine Your Success Before It’s Real

Imagine man meditatingWell, that’s a great question Jeffrey, but the good news is you’ve already done it. The fact that you’re listening to this podcast, or you’re watching this as a video, you’ve already taken the first step. You recognize that you need additional information to get you from point A to point B.

Now, the very next thing that I need you to do is an example and exercise of meditation. What? That sounds so weird. What does that have to do with house cleaning?

What it has to do with house cleaning is if you can’t see yourself in the role of a house cleaner, neither will your clients. So, you have to see yourself in that role first.

Use Creative Visualization To Create The Life You Want

Okay, so we steal this exercise from realtors.

When you go to an open house, let’s say that you’re going to buy a house, or you’re going to look at an apartment or something to move in. They send you to an open house.

The house is not completely bare room to room. The house is staged. And what that means is when you walk in, there is a picture that is already painted, that all you have to do is place yourself inside.

Okay? So, you walk in the living room and there are already sofas there. There is an easy chair. A great big recliner. There is a little coffee table, and on the coffee table are some magazines. There are a couple of candles. It’s a really nice little space that makes you feel cozy. And so, in your mind you imagine yourself going in and sitting down. See yourself kicking up your feet, flipping on the TV and relaxing.

As you walk into the kitchen of this house you’re going to see all of the kitchen counters are clean. There might be a little to do list or a shopping list. There may be a menu of tonight’s dinner or something.

And so, it paints this picture like “Oh, I’m going to get off work and I’m going to come in, and this is the kitchen I’m going to come home to. And I’m going to open the fridge.” And you open the fridge and there are some waters in there, and maybe a tray of eggs or something.

They’ve staged this house so you can easily take yourself and put yourself into that picture.

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If You Can’t Picture Success How Will You Recognize It When It Arrives?

Okay. So, here’s how that works. I want you to do that exact same exercise with house cleaning.

So, as you wake up every day, I want you to think in your mind whether you’re driving to work, or whether you don’t have a job and you’re just getting ready to start your house cleaning company. I want you to take some time every day and I want you to mentally place yourself in a house cleaning scenario. What it looks like is this.

Walk Yourself Through Possible Scenarios

Imagine waking up to alarmIt’s dark, You’re inside your bed. You’re tired, you’re sleepy. And all of a sudden, your alarm rings. It’s 6:00 am. You yank off the covers and you jump out of bed. And you’re like “Ah man, it’s dark outside, and there’s ice on the ground, and it’s cold, and I just want to go back to bed.” Feel this moment. It’s real. Imagine shower head with water

You can’t go back to bed.

So, imagine yourself going into your shower, and you’re taking off your pajamas and you’re climbing into your shower. Now you’re running the soap through your hair.

And now that you’ve showered, you get out. You dry yourself off with a towel, dry off your toes, put your socks on, put your clothes on. You’ve got to comb your hair, put your makeup on.

Jeffrey, maybe you don’t wear makeup, but if you’re a woman you might. Put your makeup on, do your hair, get ready as you would if you were going to go clean houses for the day.

What is in Store For You Today?

Imagine man with cleaning suppliesThen go down to your laundry room or wherever you have your stash of cleaning supplies.

And then once you get there, imagine pulling out your mop bucket. And lining up all your supplies that you’re going to need for the day. Whether it’s cleanser or an all-purpose cleaner, or it’s some kind of a toilet bowl cleaner or a brass cleaner or a granite cleaner or whatever it is that you use.

So, you’re putting all your cleaning supplies together, you’re counting out your rags, you’re getting your duster together and all the things that you’re going to need.

Then imagine yourself carrying the bucket or your cleaning caddy out to your car.

And you open the car door and there’s ice on the window, and you’ve got to scrape the window of ice.

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Add Lots of Wrinkles and Details To Your Meditation Imagine scraping ice off car window

So, imagine yourself in your cleaning clothes, and you’ve got your cleaning supplies now in your trunk. You still have to run back inside and get your vacuum. Now you’re going to be scraping the ice off the windows, you’re going to put the key in the car and turn the car on so the car can start to heat up a little bit while you go back inside and get your vacuum.

Imagine yourself going through all these steps. And then suddenly you get in your car, and you flip on your podcast and now you’re driving to your first client’s house. And you’ve got to pass the school bus, so you’ve got to give yourself a few extra minutes because you’re going to get stuck behind the school bus.

Imagine stuck behind school bus snowSolve Imaginary Problems During Your Morning Attraction Exercise

The more layers you add to your meditation, the more of a reality it becomes. You’ll tap into your emotions about how you feel when you’re in a hurry and have to wait for the school bus. Going through these visualizations will help you plan properly for your day. Instead of running late with a real customer – you can tweak this right now. 

During your meditation, you can decide to give yourself a few extra minutes in the morning to scrape the ice off the car windows, and wait for the school bus so you don’t arrive at the customer’s house all flustered and stressed out. 

Paint Pictures That Are Real That Your Mind Can Accept

Imagine Man Knocking on DoorAnd then you’re going to get to the client’s house. And you’re going to stand on their porch. And you’re going to ring the doorbell. And you’re going to wait in the cold shivering because you didn’t bring your coat with you. Your coat is out in the car.

You’ve got all your cleaning supplies and you’re shivering waiting for them to open the door so you can go inside and clean.

Once you get inside, you have to have a little bit of small chat. “Hey, how ya doing? How’s it going?” And then you’re going to go ahead and you’re going to start cleaning their house.

What does that look like?

Imagine Yourself Working And Having Fun

imagine man cleaning with spray bottleCan you imagine pulling out the vacuum? Pulling out your mop? Pulling out your cleaning supplies? Dusting? Maybe listening to a podcast while you’re cleaning.

See yourself lifting up and moving rugs while you vacuum under them. See yourself cleaning out the toilets, and on your knees scrubbing out the bathtubs. 

Feel the strain in your neck as you reach with an extension wand to dust the ceiling fans and recessed lighting.

This is an exercise you have to go through, all the way through to the very end of the day, where the client gives you a check for the work that you’ve done.

Imagine Yourself Being Paid For a Job Well Done Imagine wallet full of cash

In your mind go back and you get in your car, and take a picture of the check you were paid, on your cell phone. Use your mobile banking app to deposit the money into your bank account. Or put your cash in a money bag and lock it in your glove compartment. 

And then you figure out what you’re going to do for the next client.

Do you clean your cleaning caddy between clients?

Do you restock your supplies, or did you bring two cleaning caddies for the two houses that you’re doing today and they each are stocked with supplies? How do you run your business?

Once you start walking through these steps in your mind, and it becomes a visualization just like the house, where you can take yourself and place yourself into that scenario, only then are you ready to be a house cleaner.

Imagine Yourself Bidding Contracts And Expanding Your Business

There are a lot of house cleaners and maids that just show up and wing it. They don’t know what problems look like. They don’t know what solving problems look like. There is no plan for success. There is no plan to avoid failure. When failure hits, they fall apart because they don’t know how to tweak the problems and turn them around. And when success strikes, they don’t recognize it as a reward for their efforts, and they sabotage it. 

You have to imagine yourself in the middle of all the success coming your way. Make it such a part of your life and it will become routine.

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Alright, so that’s it for today. Leave a review and let us know how we’re doing so we can tweak our information to better serve you.

And until then, leave the world a cleaner place than when you found it.

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