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Judgments About House Cleaners

Judgments about house cleaners who chose to be a house cleaner are not helpful. Well-intending relatives make judgments like “you should go to college, get a degree, and get a real job. Be a responsible adult.”

We Ask a House Cleaner about judgments and opinions cleaning business owners face.

Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru says running a maid service is just that. It’s providing house cleaning services – not a tool to win parental approval.

Be a savvy cleaner, get a job as a maid, make a career of it, it’s an honest living and a good income.

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Question: Judgments About House Cleaners

Today’s question comes from a house cleaner and it’s so sad. She’s getting the judgments from her mom and dad and her friends because she chose to be a house cleaner.

Hey there, I’m Angela Brown, and this is Ask a House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house cleaning question, and I get to help you find an answer.Finger family angry parent Judgments

Her family wished instead that she would go to college and then get a “real job”. They’re making her feel bad and it’s sad because she’s independent.

She’s not living at home with mom and dad. She’s paying her own bills, and she’s making the note at the end of every month. She is paying the rent and doing all the stuff that you’re supposed to do as a responsible adult. And she’s doing all this by house cleaning.

Her family wishes for something bigger for her. Her question is “What do I do?”

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Answer: Judgments About House Cleaners

It used to be that something bigger happened. You would grow up and go to college. You would get a degree and then you would go out into the real world and you would get a great job.

Those great jobs have kind of diminished over time with companies hiring more people at a lower wage. Those great jobs are not as available as they once were.

It’s interesting. There are lots of people that are in our world today who have college degrees and they do not have good jobs.

Today’s World

College Degree - Judgments for house cleaning instead

Having a college degree no longer guarantees you a good job.

Then, there are people that have dropped out of high school or college are doing well for themselves.

The old way doesn’t have to be the only way anymore.

What Are These Judgments?

Senior, young girl look at photo album - No Judgments

I understand the judgments but let’s look at the judgments. What is that?

That is a well-intending family member who wishes the best for you. That’s what they want. They wish the best for you.

If you are healthy, happy, paying your bills and not living with mom, what more does a parent want? It sounds like you’re doing all those things. It’s okay for your parents to stop the judgments.

An Interesting Study

There’s this recent study by Entrepreneur magazine. They looked at a bunch of people that dropped out of high school or college and went on to change the world that we live in.

They’re the ones that change this, “Oh, I got to go to college and get a degree so I can get a great job.”

Apple building JudgmentsSteve Jobs – Apple

At the top of the list is Steve Jobs from Apple Computers. You know the success of Apple Computers, right?

Steve Jobs did graduate from high school and he went to a pinch of college before he dropped out.

His net worth at the time he died was like $11 billion. I mean billions of dollars for a guy who dropped out of college.

Richard Branson – Virgin AtlanticVirgin Atlantic plane parked in lot, no Judgments

Then, you look at Virgin Atlantic run by Richard Branson.

He founded Virgin Atlantic Airlines, Virgin Records, Virgin Mobile and the whole Virgin brand.

This guy is dyslexic and he dropped out of high school at age 16. So you can’t tell me that going to college is a must.

Wendy's restaurant JudgmentsDave Thomas – Wendy’s

You look at Dave Thomas who created Wendy’s fast food chain.

He dropped out of high school at age 16 so that he could work at a restaurant. He needed to earn some money and help pay the family bills.

Dave was not an instant overnight success. It took him years to put together the pieces and to figure out how it all works. And to put in place things that he’d learned. Or watch what wasn’t working and improve on that.

When he died, his net worth was about $99 million. This is a high school dropout.

Larry Ellison – OracleOracle building Judgments

Then, you look at Larry Ellison worth $54 billion.  This guy is the founder of Oracle.

He actually went to college because somebody told him he had to go. He went to not one but two colleges and then, he dropped out of both of them to pursue what became Oracle.

Larry got a little job creating databases for the CIA. And then, he partnered with somebody. And they created a software company that then later became Oracle.

Hobby Lobby building JudgmentsDave Green- Hobby Lobby

The stories are amazing. Then, you look at Dave Green, the founder of Hobby Lobby, which is an arts and crafts store all across the country.

I mean, who knew arts and crafts would be so popular?

Now, he did go to high school. But he decided not to go to college because he had a dream.

His dream turned into like $6 billion. Go, Dave!

Michael Dell – Dell ComputersDell Laptop Judgments

I mean, it’s just amazing. Michael Dell from Dell Computers.

I don’t know what it is with these computer guys! But they bring us technology and they change our lives.

Michael Dell did not survive the University of Texas. He is a college dropout.

Rachel Ray, No Judgments for self taught culinary skillsRachel Ray – TV Personality

It’s not just guys that can make it without going to college.

Look at Rachael Ray, the TV personality that does the cooking shows. She has no formal culinary education.

She’s self-taught as well and her net worth is somewhere around $60 million.

Judgments Are Just OpinionsHand against judgments

Going to college is not the only option.

I understand the judgments from well-intending family members but that’s all they are.

They are just judgments. And those people have a right to their opinions. But that does not make it gospel and it does not make it your truth. You can choose to accept that and internalize it.

Happy house cleaner JudgmentsLet the Judgments Go

So you are cleaning all day, every day. You have these thoughts and tapes playing in your mind, over and over again.

Cut those tapes in half! They are not going to help you.

If you have chosen to be a house cleaner, that is your choice. And if you are healthy, happy, paying your bills and not living with mom, then you are fine.

It is your life. These are your dreams and ambitions. So give yourself permission to move on from the old script that says you have to go to college to get a good job.

You can progress right now doing what you love. And just improving on it and learning and honing your skills and building your own empire.

Forget the judgments. They’re not serving you.

That’s my two cents for today. Until we meet again, leave the world a cleaner place than when you found it.

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