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Kids to Work – Can I Bring Them With Me to Clean?

Kids to work – Bring them yes or no? Nursing mom wants to bring a baby to work and says cleaning with a baby is not a problem because the baby will sleep. 

The problem with bringing kids to work is they could get into your cleaning supplies.

Today on Ask a House Cleaner Angela Brown gives us tips for Mom, kids, daycare, day share (instead of daycare, it’s day share.) And how moms swap babysitting. You don’t have to bring your kids to work. Every mom needs a break from babysitting 24/7.

Be a savvy cleaner. Don’t bring children with you to a house cleaning job.

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Hey there, I’m Angela Brown, and this is Ask a House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house cleaning question, and I get to help you find an answer.

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Question: Kids to Work – Can I Bring Them With Me to Clean?

Now, today’s question comes from a new mom who cleans houses. And she wants to know; “How appropriate is it for me to take my kids with me when I go house cleaning?”

She says, “Nobody is there but I’m nursing right now, and I need to have my baby nearby, and I need to watch my toddler.”

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Answer: Kids to Work – Can I Bring Them With Me to Clean?

Alrighty, mom, I got bad news for you.

This is my personal opinion based on my experience in the house cleaning business.

It is not a good idea ever, to take your children with you to a house cleaning job.

Moms choose not to take kids to workIt’s Never A Good Idea To Take Your Kids to Work

I know that doesn’t sound convenient to you because you are nursing. And because you have a toddler. 

But there are programs called day share, where you can partner with another mom. And that other mom can babysit for you while you go clean houses.

And then you can babysit for her while she goes to her job, whatever that is.

So, once you find the right mom, you’ll want to work your schedules around each other. And there maybe Facebook groups that do day share programs. (Instead of daycare it’s day share.)

What Happens When You Take Your Kids to Workkid unravels closet when mom takes kids to work

Even if the people are not there you’re taking your babies into someone else’s home.

And so, as a parent, your first inclination is to take care of your children. That will always be your first priority.

When you’re working for someone else they need you to be their first priority.

And so, if your toddlers get bored, they’ll get into stuff. They could pull stuff off the walls, tabletops or bookshelves. They could break something, they could spill something on the rug.

And now you’re liable for whatever the damage they do in someone else’s home. 

And so, you need to be watching them 100% of the time.

Busy Mom - take kids to workYour Focus Needs to Be on Cleaning

So if your attention is on your cleaning, you cannot watch your kids.  You cannot have 100% of your attention and focus split between two different things. 

I have seen moms take their kids to house cleaning jobs over the years. It is my experience that they can focus on their kids or focus on house cleaning. If they try to do both, they don’t do either one well. 

So, the kids suffer and the house suffers. So, I know you need the money but don’t do it. It is not a good idea.

don't take kids to work, client's houses not child readyIt Is Not Safe

Your children could get into your cleaning supplies. Even if they are non-toxic, they could spill them. This is unnecessary stress on you. 

They can also open drawers and get into trouble. And most people’s homes are not child-proofed unless they have children of the same age.

So, all the cupboards and all the drawers and everything is open and available to a toddler who can get into stuff. This is just not a good situation to be in. 

Nursing pump when mom cant take kids to workTo Help With Nursing

Now, the nursing part is a different situation. Because yes, your baby does need food. But that’s why they make pumps.

And so, it’s not convenient and I know it’s not comfortable but consider pumping before you go to clean a house. And leave the bottles with the mother who’s going to do the day share program with you.

This Will Be Better for You

That is going to be a much better opportunity for you. Because as a mom you just need to get away and clear your head and have some time on your own.

That would be ideal if you were at the spa and you were having a pedicure and a manicure and a facial and all these things. But even cleaning someone else’s house is time away.

You can catch your breath and do something else. The something else is actually productive and it pays your bills. But it’s not you babysitting 24/7.

So, my suggestion to you is do not take your children with you to clean houses. It’s not a good idea.

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The Homeowner is Understanding

Now the person that you’re cleaning for might be understanding. And they might say “I have kids of my own I understand, that’s okay.”

They might be willing to work with you but I promise you this; they’re not going to refer you to anyone.

You’re not going to build up a referral business because you’re high maintenance. People are not going to send you to another house where they know you’re going to be bringing a couple of children. One that you’re nursing, and one that’s a toddler that’s going to get into all their stuff.

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It’s Just Not a Good Idea

From a business perspective, don’t. It is not a good idea. Your children are a liability.

If you take your children to work with you, you will always have a choice to make. You will have to choose to pay attention to your children or your work. You will always choose your children because you love them. And that’s your priority, and that’s the way it should be.

Get HelpMom with toddlers in pool, don't take kids to work

So, focus on your kids or focus on your business. And if you can’t do both, then find some other help. Maybe a relative or a friend or a neighbor or another mom can watch her kid while you go do those jobs.

It will give you a chance to clear your head and just take a little mom break. And you will be appreciative as well. You will miss your kids, but everyone will be happy when you get home. Everyone wins! 

Alrighty, and until we meet again, leave the world a cleaner place then when you found it.

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