How Does the Mentor Program Work at Savvy Cleaner?

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How does the mentor program work at Savvy Cleaner? We have been working on this program for 30 years to help you get through the hiccups of business.

How does the mentor program work at Savvy Cleaner? We have been working on this program for 30 years to help you get through the hiccups of business. But how does it work? Today we will cover our mentorship program and how to use it to help your business.

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Hey there, I’m Angela Brown, and this is Ask a House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house cleaning question, and I get to help you find an answer. You can find this and 400 other answered questions in this series on our YouTube channel.

How Does the Mentor Program Work at Savvy Cleaner?

Mentor Program Work, Man With HeadphonesHow does the Mentor Program work at Savvy Cleaner? Today somebody called in and asked this question. “How does your mentorship program work? I would love to get more information about it because I own a cleaning company. It’s been two years, but I am stuck and I’m looking for your help, a mentor that could help me, please.”

This is an exciting question for this reason because we’ve honed this program over the last three decades. Now, one of the things that I want to stop before I share with you the Mentor Program is why we need a Mentor Program. Because every single step of your business will have hiccups and when you get to those hiccups, you’re going to get stuck.

It’s like when you have a toddler and the toddler is starting to get into stuff, the parents are like, “Whoa, wait a second. Nobody prepared me for this.” And they get a hiccup and they have to stop and go, “Wait a second. I need new training.” Then they get to the three to five-year-olds where the kid now becomes, “No, no. I don’t want to do that,” and they’ve become disobedient and they’re going to cause a fuss over everything because they now have a newfound sense of power.

Parents Need New Training as Kids Grow

Mentor Program Work, Woman Scolding ChildAnd the parent is like, “Whoa, this is very different from being a toddler,” new hiccups, and they’re stuck again, needing new training. Then, they’ve got a nine and a 10-year-old and the kid is now acting out because they’re in their pre-adolescent years. They have a different series of misbehaviors or confusion or dissonance or whatever.

And then you’re like, “Whoa, whoa. I thought I had this all figured out. I’m so wrong. I need new training.” New hiccups, new training. Then they get to the teenage stage where the teenagers are in a world of their own and they want nothing to do with their parents.

Don’t look at me. Don’t talk to me. He’s looking at me, she’s looking at me,” and they go into just this weird phase. The parents are like, “Oh my goodness, new hiccups, new training.”

You Need New Training in Your Business as Well

Mentor Program Work, Man With TabletSo your business is the same way. Every single step of your business, you’re going to run into things you’ve never been through before because your business is growing. As it evolves, you’re going to get two new stages that you have no idea how works. And so instead of just going, “Well, I’m a failure in my business.”

No, you’re not, you just have hiccups, and you will work through them. But how do you do that? So the Mentor Program that we’ve created at Savvy Cleaner has also evolved and what it is now is it’s not just you asking me questions and having me give you answers. You can get those answers for free on YouTube. Yay!

Our Mentor Program is a Monthly Membership

Mentor Program Work, MentorshipAll right, so the Mentor Program is this. We have you join a membership, and it’s a monthly membership. We have two memberships. One is for employees and one is for employers. So if you’re the business owner, you’ve been running a business for two years, the program I recommend for you is the Savvy Cleaner Network. And it has a whole bunch of training in there that will help you cover the gaps of your business.

So if there are cracks in the cement of your business, we’re going to fill in those gaps so the foundation of your business is strong. And then the Mentor Program, we have two sessions per month and they are two-hour sessions. We ask you to bring us your questions.

And so we go around the room and we let everybody share their questions or the stuff that they’re working on in their business.

You Can Do Our Mentor Program on Zoom

Mentor Program Work, Video CallThis is done now via Zoom, so we get to see your beautiful face right there on camera, and we are all here to help you. What happens is when you ask a question, I can give you answers but so can everyone else in the group. And so we have people in the group that have been in the business for a year and there are people that have been in the business for 20 years.

There are people that are earning $5, $6, $8 million that are also in our business. And so you’re going to get a variety of different perspectives. And so based on the question you ask, somebody that’s qualified in our group will jump in and they’ll say, “Hey, have you tried this? How about this?”

And if you say, “Well, I’m doing this, and this is not working for this reason,” we’re going to ask you some questions and we’re going to help unpack what it is. It’s not working. So it’s not just a mentorship program with me. It’s a bunch of experienced cleaners that are out in the field that are going through the exact same stuff that you are right now.

You Can Get Help From a Bunch of Professionals

Mentor Program Work, Man on PhoneThey’ve tried the same things, they’ve tweaked it, they’ve worked at it from a different angle. And then after the call is over, we have private Facebook groups that are for those groups specifically, where you can jump in.  You can say, “Hey, listen, guys, I took the thing that we talked about the other day on the call and I’m working through this. What do you have as a recommendation for whatever?”

And then we have lots of resources that we’ve piled in there that say, “Well, I’m using this piece of software,” or, “I talked to this guy.” Or, “I read this book,” or, “I’ve used this as something to piece this together”. We’re working on helping each other build our businesses because we are way better as a group than we are just one individual out there on a lone island working through trial and error, trying to figure it out.

We Cut Our Prices Low for the Program

Mentor Program Work, Woman With BoxesWe’ve strategically cut the prices of our memberships low. It’s about two to two and a half dollars a day to participate. That’s it. So you’ll be able to pay for the membership with one house cleaning job each month. So we’ve strategically kept it low to help you grow your business. That is how the membership program at Savvy Cleaner works.

Now, if you are new to the business and you’ve been in there for two years and you’ve reached a hiccup, do not feel bad, because like it is growing through parenthood, it’s just a hiccup. You just need additional training to get through the next phase, but we are here to help you and we will help you through every phase of your business.

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