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How to Ask Do You Need a Housekeeper?

Do you need a housekeeper? How about a house cleaner or a maid? Are you nervous about asking the question do you need a housekeeper? 

Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru says you don’t have to go door to door asking people “Do you need a housekeeper?” But you to have to be top of mind and you need a killer sales pitch and daily marketing. 

If you want to get more clients and close more deals you need your new business to shine when prospects are hiring. If you do housework or you lend an extra set of hands to help out when clients are ready to buy. 

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Hey there, I’m Angela Brown, and this is Ask a House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house cleaning question, and I get to help you find an answer.

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Question: How to Ask Do You Need a Housekeeper?

“How do you ask a homeowner if they need a housekeeper? ” That’s a great question, and we’re going to talk about that today.

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Do You Need a Housekeeper? Nope!

Do You Need a Housekeeper, Woman With Arms CrossedAll right. This is a trick question, because if you ask anyone “do you need a house cleaner?” The answer will always be … ta-da, no. 

“No, I don’t.”

Because they’re not in the market to buy a house cleaner or housekeeper. When they are in the market, then they will be asking. So, there’s a fine line of how do you get in front of the person who’s buying?

The answer is you don’t because how do you know when someone’s buying? 

So, if you wait until that moment where someone says 

“hey, I need a house cleaner.” You’re already a day late and a dollar short because they’ve already gone online. Or they’ve already called someone, and they already have some bids set up.  Somebody is on their way over right now to give them a free estimate.

Marketing Eliminates the “Do You Need a Housekeeper?” Conversation

Do You Need a Housekeeper, Woman Tossing Laundry in AirMarketing is where you let people know again and again what you do and how to hire you. It’s part of running a cleaning business. If you wait to market until you need customers, you’ve waited too long. 

I know a lot of house cleaners that think they can just show up and clean houses and by referral only, they will work.

Okay, if you are amazing at what you do, that is true. But there’s also this underlying current of marketing that goes on. Doing a stellar cleaning job, looking the part and living up to your brand are all elements of marketing.

Marketing is a Daily Chore

Do You Need a Housekeeper, Woman Shoe ShoppingThere are things as a business owner you have to do every single day to keep your brand visible in the market. Then when somebody is ready to hire you, they can then jump on the phone or jump on the internet, find you on HouseCleaning360, and close the deal. 

But they’re not going to hire you until they need you. It’s like needing a new pair of shoes. You’re not going to run to the store and buy a new pair of shoes because someone said, “hey, there’s a shoe sale going on.” If you don’t need shoes, it doesn’t apply to you. And the same goes for house cleaning and your customers. 

And so, there’s no way you’re going to know when people need your service. 

Consistent Marketing Keeps the Pipeline Full

Do You Need a Housekeeper, House Cleaners Arriving at Customer HomeRun a flyer. Then in the same neighborhood a month later, run another. Wait a couple of months and run another. Repeat the process every few months. 

Now the neighbors who have passed on your service have seen a few impressions of your business. They’ve thought about hiring you. And when they are ready – they know where to find you. 

And even if you’ve run flyers, it may take a boost from Nextdoor or a third-party recommendation to seal the deal. 


Your Satisfied Customers Can Do the Heavy Lifting

Do You Need a Housekeeper, Nextdoor ScreenshotA lot of times people will use things like, where they say “I’m searching for a house cleaner.”

And then the neighbors that have hired you that are happy with your work, they will jump on go “oh, you should choose my house cleaner.”

The neighbors then are doing the heavy lifting. It’s not you going, “um, hi, I’m Angela, and I’m hoping that you need a house cleaner.” 

Don’t Ask “Do You Need a Housekeeper?”

Do You Need a Housekeeper, Holding Newborn BabyIf you ask people “Do you need a housekeeper?” they will say no.  A better question is “who do you know who…”, and then get specific. 

I know a house cleaning woman, and she specializes in moms with new babies. So, she says “who do you know that’s pregnant or has new babies?” 

And they’re like “Yeah, two of my neighbors.”

“Do they ever need an extra hand? I know sometimes moms get harried with a new baby, and there’s no time to sleep. They’re just burned out, and they just need an extra set of hands.” 

“Oh yeah, I was talking to my neighbor the other day…”

“Hey, would you give her my card? If she needs my help, I’m available, but I only have one opening.”

This is called referral marketing.

Don’t Be the One Knocking on the Door

Do You Need a Housekeeper, Woman With Baby on PhoneYou’re not going to the lady, knocking on her door, going “Hey, are you harried? Are you burned out? Have you underslept and do you need some help?”

That might be the case, but if she’s not looking, she’s not going to be receptive to you. You’re a salesman. 

But if her friend goes to her and is like “Oh my goodness, you’re not going to believe who I just talked to. I just talked to this house cleaning lady that I met in our neighborhood waiting at the school bus for the kids. And she said she has one opening, and she specializes in moms with new babies.”

The lady will go “Ooh, that sounds like me. I need her help. Do you have her card?”

“I do, here it is.”

And it’s an organic conversation that happens between your neighbors that are in the neighborhoods where you work and not you.

Door Knocking Sometimes Works

Do You Need a Housekeeper, No Soliciting Sign on DoorThis is not you going door to door going; “Hi, do you need a house cleaner?”

And I know house cleaners that have been successful at that. But if you do go knocking door to door, prepare for the no soliciting signs, and slammed doors in your face. 

But you’re going to get great at selling. Because to make money as a house cleaner you’ve got to have some kind of amazing sales pitch.

So, if you’re not great at selling, you need to be great at asking questions. 

Ask everybody you know, “Hey, who do you know who just had surgery…” or whatever the area is you specialize in.

Niche Down till You Find: “I Need a Housekeeper.”

Do You Need a Housekeeper, Smiling House Cleaner With Arms CrossedDon’t offer a general house cleaning. Everybody thinks they need something special. You don’t go to the store for no reason. Wander up and down the isles hoping something pops out at you. That’s not how people buy.

You make a special trip to the store because you’re out of milk. There is a specific reason you even bother going. 

Be the specific reason people buy from you. 

Marketing Doesn’t Have to Cost a Lot of Money

Do You Need a Housekeeper, Man on ComputerThere are lots of ways to market your business with little or no money. The key to success is to repeat your cleaning business marketing efforts in an organized and consistent fashion. 

There are a lot of things you can do that build the brand that keeps you visible in the public eye. This way when people are ready to hire a house cleaner or a housekeeper, who is the first person that comes to their mind? And if the answer is you, you’re hired. 

So, my suggestion to you is to be the first person that comes to their mind, and that is how you ask someone if they need a housekeeper.

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