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No Money, No Car – Start a Cleaning Business From Scratch

[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]Cancel On The House Cleaner - Upset woman with empty walletHow to start a cleaning business with no money, no car. If you’ve got no money, no car, you can start a maid service and the cleaning videos on this cleaning channel will help you do that. Ask a House Cleaner is all about house cleaning FAQ and pro cleaning tips. We help you get started with no money, no car and will guide you through the growth process.

Once you have money coming in and you’re in the “grow my cleaning company” mindset – the Savvy Cleaner training would be a good next move. It’s house cleaner training with expert cleaning tips and lessons to help you chart your progress.

Angela Brown, the House Cleaning Guru gives Savvy Cleaner tips for working off a bus route when you have no car.

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Hey there, I’m Angela Brown, and this is Ask a House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house cleaning question, and I get to help you find an answer.

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Question: No Money, No Car – Start a Cleaning Business From Scratch

No Money, No Car car driving on country road, crossed outStarting a cleaning business with no money, no car. Yes, it’s possible. We’re going to talk about that today.

Our question today comes from Carla Walker, who has this question. “Hi Miss Brown, my name is Carla Walker. I am getting ready to start a business. I’m actually unemployed and I was wondering, is it a smart thing to try to start a business with little to no money, no car? And if it is something I can do, what are your suggestions to get my things put in order? So, what do you suggest, things that I can do to kind of get things going without a lot of funding? And can I do this working near a bus route? Thank you.”

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Answer: Start Over with No Money, No Car

How to Start Your Own House Cleaning Company Book, start a house cleaning companyAll right Carla, that’s an exciting question. You’re turning a chapter in your life and you’re going to start a new house cleaning business. So, yay, I’m so excited for you! 

I have written a book called How to Start Your Own House Cleaning Company. You can download it free of charge on Amazon and read it free on any Kindle app on any device.

The keyword here is “company”, how to start your own cleaning company, not a business. 

Because small businesses, as we know, often fail. And so, I want to help you start a company. And I want to help you build an empire.

No Fancy Advertising If You Have No Money, No Car

Yes. You can you do it without money? This entire book shows you how to open a cleaning business with no money, no car.

I do not want you to go out and spend money on four-color printing and do high-glossy ads or advertisements. Or flyers or door hangers, or any of those things. I want you to cull it down into a black and white, half-page flyer. 

I’m going to keep it super simple for you. I do not want you to embroider any logos on company shirts. Nor do I want you to put any magnets on your car once you get a car. And I do not want you to wrap your car in advertisements. In the beginning stages of your business, I want you to keep all the money you earn in your pocket.

When You Get Money Invest it in Training 

No Money, No Car house cleaner in kitchen holding cleaning suppliesHere’s the reason why. We don’t know if you’re a good house cleaner yet. And we don’t know if entrepreneurialism is for you. 

And so, a lot of people come to me and they’re like, “Hey! I’m going to spend all this money and I’m going to get involved in the house cleaning business. And I’m going to go crazy and I’m going to spend $10,000 and do all this advertising and marketing. And I’m going to put my name upon Thumbtack and go all these places.” 

The next thing they know is they’re out of business because they’ve gone in debt and aren’t earning any money.  And worse, they’ve borrowed money from family and friends. And they’re no good at house cleaning and they have no way to pay back the loans.

House Cleaning is a Revolving Door

No Money, No Car start small, graph going upIn 30 days from now, lots of the house cleaners that are getting started today, will not be here. 

In 90 days, people that made it through the first 30 days, will not be here. This is not a business for everyone. 

So yes, you can do it with no money, no car. But I want you to start small so you’re not out a bunch of money if you decide it’s not for you. 

And then as you grow, your marketing can grow and your advertising can grow.

If you start small and you fail – you’ve failed on a small scale. 

No Money, No Car? Take a Bus, Uber, Lyft, or Train

No Money, No Car city bus on the road in morningNow, here’s a secret. If you clean houses and you’re riding the bus to get there, you’re going to be working near a bus route. 

There are lots of nice houses near bus routes. So, pick an area near a bus stop and deliver flyers door to door. 

If you meet people introduce yourself. “Hey, I’m new in this area and am cleaning in this neighborhood. Thought I’d introduce myself.” 

(You are new because you just showed up, from the bus.)

This is your new market. Have fun and make some new friends. 

The people you meet may not be ready to hire you, but they may know their neighbors and who cleans their houses. 

It’s Hard to Drive a Business with No Money, No Car

No Money, No Car house cleaner standing in kitchen wearing apronYou mentioned you were leaving another job. So, if you need money fast follow the step-by-step program outlined in the book I recommended. 

You will have money coming in right away. Don’t try to shortcut the system, and don’t try to outsmart it. 

It’s super simple and it’s proven. 

You may not like the steps – and this is where new business owners fail. They try tweaking things before they get the business off the ground. 

And then they get discouraged and quit. 

There is a strategic reason the system is set up this way. 

Starting a Business with No Money, No Car Leaves Little Room for Error

This book will trigger a lot of things to happen for you. I don’t want to bring them all to your attention yet because I don’t want to overwhelm you. 

But this system will attract a certain kind of customer and certain types of jobs.

While you earn money daily, you will learn to navigate your house cleaning business. Within about 30 days you’ll have mastered the crash course and you will know if this business is right for you

We Have Systems in Place to Guide You Through the Next Steps

No Money, No Car calendar on tableIf this is the right business for you, come back and we want to get you on a program where now you can start saving money from the jobs that you have coming in.

Soon you’ll get a car so that you then can expand your business to a different, maybe, geographical area. 

And then you can hire people and you can change the pricing of your jobs. 

Once you have the money coming in, then you can invest back in your business and you can grow your business. 

We have a private Facebook group for house cleaners that you can join as a support group. 

We’ll help you succeed. The key is to get started. 

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